International Invasive Weed Control Conference provides broad-ranging perspective

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A leading trade body event will be charting the changing perspectives, current challenges and emerging issues in the UK’s professional invasive weed control sector.

The Property Care Association’s 2018 International Invasive Weed Conference takes place at The Slate, University of Warwick, on 22 November.

This year’s event has attracted high-profile speakers from across the public and private sector, including the legal field, utilities and local authorities, as well as finance and mortgaging.

The focus is on three key themes, identification, assessment and response, with representatives from the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat, the Environment Agency and CABI chairing the sessions.

And, as well as looking at invasive plants often on the radar, such as Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed, the focus will also include the emerging issue of other plants including buddleia and bamboo and how to deal with them.

The full conference programme, including booking details, can be viewed at

‘Identification,’ the first session of the day, includes input from Ben Aston, of Yorkshire Water, who discusses the most challenging weeds for the water industry, and Dr Johan van Valkenburg, who will present an overview of the invasive, non-native weeds of concern in those countries just over the Channel from us and their potential to impact on the UK.

The ‘assessment’ session includes information on mortgaging and finance from Robert Stevens of Nationwide, and health and safety best practice from Colin Liptrot of the Environment Agency.

Finally, our ‘response’ to these issues includes Rodger Burnett of Charles Lyndon outlining the Court of Appeal’s take on matters, and details of land remediation tax relief and Japanese knotweed being covered by Alun Oliver of E3 Consulting.

A panel debate, ‘Local Authorities and Invasive Weeds,’ concludes the event.

Dr Peter Fitzsimons, the PCA’s Invasive Weed Control Group Technical Manager, said: “The conference is seen as a major event for decision makers and those influencing and tackling the issues related to invasive weeds to gain the latest knowledge and insight on the issue.

“The content this year is engaging, informative and highly topical, offering a valuable opportunity for delegates including contractors, surveyors, lawyers, public authorities and academics to join with PCA members and share industry-leading insight and best practice.”


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