5 things to ask when looking for tradesman insurance

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Whether you are self-employed or a tradesman from a building company, it is necessary to find the right tradesman insurance that will keep you and your customers out of harm’s way. Don’t start a project if you are not fully covered for any accidents or problems, as these can seriously harm your bank balance and reputation as a tradesman.

Instead, here are some ideas for what you can ask an insurer when you are looking to settle on the right form of insurance for your business.

How much is tradesman insurance?

It is natural that we all want to find the best deals that we can when looking into the different forms of insurance for work. As either a small business owner or an independent worker, you want a good form of insurance that can incorporate multiple benefits, rather than focusing on either you or the customer as solely protected.

With public liability insurance, you want to be paying between £100 and £150 for protection against any legal claims that could arise due to an accident in the workplace. Avoid paying more than what you need for your insurance by looking into no obligation insurance quote comparison for tradesmen. Only pay for the things that you genuinely need.

Do I only need public liability insurance?

Though public liability insurance does cover general accident cover for both you and your customers, it does not cause all damage that could happen while you are out working. For instance, if you were fitting a boiler and it was stolen, this would not be covered by the insurance. Instead, you would need contract works cover. This is why you need to look into different insurances to see what would best suit your workload.

What other types of insurance should I look into?

It does not matter if you are an experienced workman, accidents and problems can happen – and you cannot let the financial burden of these destroy your business. Here are some additional insurances that you should look into should you want to keep fully covered:

• Product liability and indemnity insurance
• Employers liability insurance
• Financial loss Insurance
• Professional indemnity insurance.
• Income and life insurance

Can I combine my insurance?

This is a very smart way of thinking for a smaller business that is looking to reduce its insurance costs by investing in one policy. Look into an appropriate insurance broker to enable yourself to locate subcontracts that can create one policy for product and public liability to keep the cost affordable for both you and for any tradesmen employed under you.

Can I get cover for my tools?

A tradesman without his tools is like a human without air. You cannot be a worker without being insured for any potential tools that could be stolen, become problematic or break while you are on a job.

Some insurances offer 24-hour cover – for instance, if your tools are locked in a van overnight by mistake. However, be warned that your insurers will want to see evidence that you tried to prevent the theft.


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