6 Questions That You Should Ask Before Buying a Business for Sale


A lot of experts are predicting that there will be an availability of many companies for sale over the next decades. As such, it is a good time for you buy that business that you have been dreaming about running. However, before going ahead and buying a business, you should ask yourself a number of questions first. These questions will ensure that you are well prepared for your new role as a business owner. There are various questions which you should ask the business owner and seller about the business to know if the business is everything that you want.

Here are some of the questions which you should ask and get answers about before buying a business for sale.

  1. Is buying the business a right decision for you now?

The most crucial question to ask yourself is whether the business will be a good fit for you. If you want a business to pass the time with when you are bored, then you should consider getting a hobby instead of a business. On the other hand, if owning a business has been a long-term desire for you and if you have the right skills of running it then buying a business would be the best decision for you. Also, you should ask yourself if now the ideal time for you to purchase the business is. If you are sure about it, then you should go for it.

  1. Will your spouse support you in your decision?

In one way or the other owning a business will affect your relationship with your partner. You will need to invest emotionally in time together with your partner when running the business. Hence your spouse needs to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the challenge. In fact, he or she may even want to run the business jointly. If you don’t discuss this beforehand, you will find that most of your problems are emanating from home instead of your business. During the first days of acquiring the business you will be required to work long days, so your spouse needs to understand that and support you.

  1. Who operates the business when the owners go on a holiday?

One important question which you should not forget to ask is when was the last time the owners went for a holiday, how long were they gone, who was left to manage the business, and the challenges the business faced when they were away. This will show you how much the owner of the business is tied to the daily activities of the business. If an owner goes for vacations often, it means that the business is in good shape. But if the business faces challenges when the owner is not around, it show that the owner babysits the business too much.

  1. Are the numbers adding up?

Many new owners don’t have an idea of what their returns are supposed to be. If you decide to be a somewhat absentee owner, will the business give the required return on your investment? And if you are a full-time owner, will the business give a return which will be worth your investment and time? You should also find out what can happen to the cash flow if the sales are below what is expected and also what can happen if the costs run above what you had expected.

  1. What’s the response of the customers?

A step which many business buyers omit is asking the current customers about what they think about the business. Unless you know the customers who buy from you and why they buy from you will be flying blindly. Knowing what the customers think and why they buy from you will help you in offering quality services to them when you finally seal the deal and buy the business.

  1. How does the business market itself?

For a business to be successful, it needs to have a growing customer base. So, you should ask the seller the strategies which they have used to market their business and generating inquiries to get new customers. When you are aware of the strategies which were used you will be in a position to know what you need to improve on so that you can have a growing client base. For example, if you are looking for a business for sale in Houston, there may be local marketing strategies and a local market that needs to be tapped into this. This can be dependent on the industry, of course, but you need to be aware of how the location impacts the business’s marketing.

Owning a business is a desire which many people have. But before buying any business, there are various questions which you should first ask yourself and the owner so that you can understand how the business is run and how it operates.


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