Average British Home Needs 7 DIY Projects


The average British homeowner has seven DIY projects that need doing in their property, either projects that were left unfinished or not even started, according to a new research. What’s more, over two thirds of Britons say that they have tackled a home-improvement task themselves before having to hire a professional in.

The study, conducted by the team at, polled 2,689 Britons over the age of 18, with all respondents revealing they owned a property in which they had lived with a partner for a minimum of 5 years.

The participants were first asked if their home has any DIY jobs that needed doing, to which the majority (84%) responded with ‘yes’, while 16% said there wasn’t anything that needed attention. When asked if there were any serious repairs that needed desperate attention, 34% said that there were.

After that, the participants were asked to estimate how many DIY or home-improvement jobs needed doing in their house, and the average number was revealed to be seven. When asked what jobs required attention in the home (participants could choose multiple answers) the most common jobs were ‘painting and wallpapering’ (68%), ‘laying new flooring’ (52%) and ‘fixing a leak’ (46%).

All respondents were then asked if they had attempted a DIY job in the home before ending up having to call in a professional, to which 68% said that they had. Of those that had attempted DIY jobs before hiring someone in, just under half (43%) revealed that they had made the job worse initially. The average amount spent per failed DIY job was revealed to be £86.

Relevant participants were asked for the reasons why they had DIY jobs outstanding, and the top answers were ‘I can’t afford the repair’ (49%), ‘I don’t have time to do it myself’ (32%) and ‘I keep putting it off’ (21%).

Relevant respondents were asked when they thought they would be able to get the jobs completed; only 31% thought they would be able to complete the jobs in the next 12 months,  whilst 14% said they thought they would never complete all the outstanding DIY jobs in their home.

“It’s a shame that so many British homeowners feel that they don’t have enough time or money to complete the outstanding DIY jobs in their homes. It’s a good idea to set aside some time every now and again to complete some jobs around the house, or hire a tradesman for those that you can’t, especially as some people end up costing themselves more by attempting jobs themselves,” commented on the findings Lisa Evans, spokesperson for


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