Effective Heating Solutions for Restaurants from Tansun


Tansun, the infrared heating manufacturer and expert, has pioneered infrared heaters capable of completely heating an outdoor area, encouraging diners to eat outside all year round. This range is designed to enable outdoor areas to become an extension of an indoor area and consequently provides extra revenue for the bar or restaurant.

When an outdoor area is equipped with adequate heat coverage, customers prefer to sit outdoors, found Tansun. However, more than 90% of outside areas are not being heated effectively, resulting in areas now only being unused, but also a wasted investment for bars and restaurants.

The Merchant House or the ‘Museum Brasserie’ in Jersey installed Tansun’s Sorrento heaters on its terrace to create a better and more profitable outdoor dining experience. Installing a more effective heating solution resulted in the restaurant receiving more bookings and seeing a noticeable increase in its sales.

“With a large outside space and with British weather being as it is, it was clear to us that adequate heating was crucial to our business model. While they added a certain ambiance with the flames, the gas heaters we were using were ineffective, unreliable, expensive to run and bad for the environment. Having looked across the market at both local and international suppliers, the sleek look, anti-glare properties, range of products from Tansun and the reasonable prices seemed like the obvious option for us,” said Alex Dolan, Business Development Manager, Dolan Hotels Jersey.

“We saw Tansun at the Restaurant Technology and Restaurant Design Expo in ExCel London, liked their products and chose to install six Sorrento heaters. We are so pleased that we will definitely be choosing them when we eventually refurbish our other restaurants. Our clients regularly comment on how they like the new found warmth of our terrace and this can be seen in the sales. As a matter of fact I posted a picture on Facebook and got a call for a table of eight under the heaters five minutes later,” Alex added.

Tansun’s range includes a selection of energy-saving switches and heater controls designed to suit almost any situation or need. All of its products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology.


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