How to design a house with a big garden

A flower garden in the backyard

Contemporary house design often focuses on the use of space and light especially if the design is bespoke. Clients that can afford it often want homes that are more integrated than they once were. Gone are separate rooms for kitchens and dining areas. These spaces are merely separated by space.

The same can be said of other features such as staircases. One look at contemporary staircases online and it is clear that spiral staircases are the new normal. Not only do they allow access to the upper levels but are very much a design feature.

With this in mind, let us take a look at how to design a house with a big garden.

Bringing the Garden into the Home

When the garden is large and spacious it becomes a design feature. Unlike smaller homes where the garden is defined, a house can be created to give panoramic and 360-degree views of the garden. This calls for big windows letting the outside colours and light come into the home.


It is important that the feel of the garden matches the architectural style of the house. For example, the house might be of a traditional, stately home design. As such hedges, clipped lawns, and statues may fit well in the garden. Should the house be more modern a more modern approach to the garden will be needed. As with all things balance and a blend is required to avoid the space looking disjointed.


As the garden gives more room to work and be creative, you can utilise this to allow for better features for the house. Consider using features such as balconies and glass to maximise views. Good use of living space can really bring the house alive. Adding features such as outdoor stair kits can make the garden accessible from different places and the house accessible from the garden.  Consider using them to utilise the space and add features.

Think about what can be seen in the garden from the house. You might want a water feature to be visible or the view beyond the garden might be breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Both of these things add value to a home.

Also, good design can hide views which are less savoury.

Split level gardens are a good way to partition off different areas without putting up obtrusive fences and other physical barriers. This allows you to make a social, kids, and other areas clear which is heaven sent for most families.


Lighting is important on a number of levels when the garden is a large space. You want the main living areas to be positioned to get the most light and any design should incorporate this. You also want to ensure that the position of the house does not block out light to parts of the garden that need it, such as flowerbeds and vegetable patches.

With good design houses and gardens can merge together to make amazing living spaces. A little thought, a little creativity can work wonders to produce the best homes on both an aesthetic and practical level.


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