New Sky Scraping Apartment Building Set for NYC


Across New York City, high rise buildings, skyscrapers and unique statement designs are nothing new, but next year is to see a new venture taking place, that aims to redefine luxury high rise living.

The latest in sky scraping buildings has been proposed through a superior luxury residential development in Midtown, Manhattan, NYC.

Sporting 179 high end units and standing at a whopping 1,550ft tall, the new Central Park Tower will be the second huge scale project to come from the Extell Development Company taking place on 57th Street.

This will be the tallest apartment building in the city so far, and with asking prices hitting the $100 million mark per unit, it could very well be the most expensive too.

A decade of planning with some of the world’s most talented architects, in collaboration with renowned engineers and designers, has formed the new structure. Alongside housing, the tower will offer 50,000 sq ft of amenity spaces, that include an indoor pool and club lounge on the 100th floor.

The ground floor will be home to a 320,00 sq ft department store already bought by Nordstrom.

The marketing group at Extell Development expect the first residents to move in late 2019 and are hoping that the building will house a whopping 8 bedroom unit over 17,500 sq ft that will carry a hefty nine digit price tag.

Extell Development are co-developing the new tower in collaboration with affiliates of China’s Shanghai Municipal Investment Group, SMI USA, and aim to introduce a level of design never seen before.

With the luxury apartments not standing cheap, the development comes at a similar time to JDS’s latest venture, who aim to open 46 new units, also on 57th Street, with prices ranging from $18 million – £57 million.



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