Revolutionary Fire Extinguisher by Meritas


A new, revolutionary fire extinguisher – MultiBlaze – has been launched by Meritas. The lightweight extinguisher deals with all types of fires, removing all risk, doubt and confusion and making firefighting a lot safer and easier.  Moreover, it allows you to spray an escape path for yourself, while the cooling liquid will not reignite as conventional powder extinguishers frequently do.

The MultiBlaze range of extinguishers comes with a trigger like a gun, instead of the traditional squeezable lever used on all standard fire extinguishers. Traditional extinguishers require you to use both hands to hold and simultaneously direct the extinguishing agent at the source of the fire, the MultiBlaze range of extinguishers have been designed so that they can be used with only one hand.

In addition, the MultiBlaze extinguisher, unlike a traditional one, is Multi-directional at 360 degrees; therefore it can be held sideways or even upside down to enable fires in awkward areas to be put out easily.

Another advantage is that no propellant or aerosol is used to expel the bio-degradable agent. After it has been used, the sprayed surfaces can be washed down with clean water, while the empty bottles can be easily disposed of in the household waste. Businesses and individuals reduce the cost of training, transport, storage and disposal as there is no danger of explosion or corrosion, as the canisters only operate between -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius.

The MultiBlaze extinguisher works on multiple materials – paper, wood, textiles, cooking fats and oils, petrol, diesel and even electrical fires. They can cope with electrical fires from a minimum distance of 1 m in addition to dealing with other types of fire.


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BDC 301 February 2023