Tips to preserve leather sofa from wear and tear


Most people want to have a leather furniture in their home. This is because it is believed the leather sofa gives your room a more regal look. Also, the leather sofas are quite classic that help enhance the look of your house. Leather sofas are a great addition to your living room area owing to its classic look. Be it any kind of ambiance or atmosphere, these leather sofas can play a great role in offering the comfort and the retro-look. However, one of the major drawbacks is that these leather sofas are at constant risk of getting damaged. Wear and tear are some of the common issues in your house.

If you do not take proper care of your leather furniture, there are high chances of it being damaged. Soon, the leather sofas in the living room can become worn out and even crack. This can play a great role in disturbing the look of your living room. These leather furniture cracks usually appear like the cracks in the human skin. Thus, it is necessary to protect the leather furniture from any kind of damage. Also, if these are not cleaned properly from time to time, the color may fade thereby spoiling the beauty of the furniture.


How to take care of the leather sofa?

It is very necessary to take proper care of your leather furniture in order to prevent it from damage and enhance longevity. Protecting leather sofas from damage require a brief procedure. These need to be followed from time to time to enhance the look and retain the natural beauty.

  1. Clean it

One of the key steps for protecting your leather sofa from damage is to clean it regularly. You should strictly avoid washing it since it can lead to faster fading of colors. Instead, make sure to sweep and vacuum on a regular basis. Cleaning and sweeping for a temporary period of time will lower the risk of any unwanted scratches and scuffs.

  1. Use sofa cleaner

One of the initial mistakes that most people tend to make is washing off the furniture with soaps and detergents. This can totally ruin the look of the leather furniture in the living room. There are several cleaners made for cleaning sofa are available in the market. You should use it for cleaning your sofas. In a piece of cloth, you should apply the sofa cleaner and then use it in a circular motion over the sofa. However, you should ensure that the total leather area is cleaned effectively. Watermarks are much visible on the leather furniture if not wiped off within time. So, to avoid that from happening you should wipe off the extra water from the sofa immediately after cleaning.

  1. Keep your sofa away from sunlight

Too much of sunlight or direct exposure to it can lead to faster wearing out of your leather sofa. If you’re placing the leather sofa in living room, you should refrain from keeping it towards a window. The leather would immediately become dry. You should prefer keeping your sofa in a cool place where it is away from the foundations of too much heat and sunlight.

  1. Keep changing the cushions regularly

If your leather sofa has interchangeable cushions, you should make sure that you change them regularly. The sofa cushions if placed in the same position for a long time, lead to efficient damage to your sofa. Experts would often recommend you to either shift them or change them regularly. However, if your sofa doesn’t have the option of interchangeable cushions, you can switch places while sitting.

  1. Keep away the sharp objects

Leather furniture is at the high risk of being damaged due to sharp objects such as scissors and knives. You need to keep it away to protect the leather furniture. Also, lit cigarettes can also mean harm to the leather sofa. Nonetheless, there is nothing much to worry about since a leather expert can help to fix the burns and wears.

Leather sofas are one of your most valuable assets. Protecting them is pretty much important because you just can’t let your best leather furniture wear off easily. Your small mindful steps can play an important role in preventing damage to your leather sofa.


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