Why Construction Site Worker Must Have Protective Clothing?


The work involved in a construction site is extremely challenging and risky as the work demands exposure to various hazardous chemicals, acids, flames, heat, bricks, beams and what not. Hence, protection from these dangers is necessary in order to prevent accidents.

Like how the other professions such as Doctor, Nurses, Teachers have a prescribed dress code similarly, the workers working in a construction site should also follow their dress code in order to safeguard themselves from the dangerous chemicals and equipment.

How Clothing Plays a Crucial Role in Construction Sites?

The construction workers working in the construction sites wear overalls to protect themselves from the various perilous elements as mentioned above. Overalls safeguard the players from hazards such as fire or flames. The overalls are made up of flame resistant fabrics which protect the players from hot liquid spills.

Safety is indeed the highest priority in the construction sites because the workers engage in risky and unsafe activities and use tools like pliers, screwdrivers, spanners for their operation. Overalls also have pockets where the workers can place their tools in it. The use of eyeglasses and masks are some of the requisites for protection and safety.

Other Factors that Contribute to Working in a Construction Site

Comfort is also one of the factors to be taken into consideration for the workers working in the construction sites. Keeping comfort the priority, the overalls provide the workers with many safety pockets and belts which allows the workers to work peacefully and calmly. Also, the overalls made up of Karam which keeps the workers cool and comfortable when they work in heated environments.

To be Seen

As the construction site workers work in challenging and risky locations, it is of utmost importance that they are seen by others in the site in case of an emergency. Hence, the overalls are designed with 500 CD/Lux reflective tape which reflects any light that shines on them making them visible at all angles even when there is poor lighting around.

Different Roles Involve Different Clothing

It is the work environment which determines the outfit of the workers. The most extreme environments include the nuclear power plants and research laboratories. The workers working in a nuclear power plant have to be watchful in order to protect themselves from the various dangers around as it involves high risk.

The employers must make sure that the workers have the right kind of overalls suiting to their role and also ensure that they wear it every day while they are at work to prevent accidents. The construction sites should also offer counselling sessions and provide the workers with the dos and don’ts to be followed while working in a construction site.

Counselling despite being industry differences works really. To quote as an example how good it works, one of the recent reports reveal as to how one of the leading online casinos in Australia named Extra Vegas proved that counselling sessions can help in preventing compulsive gambling. The casino offers its players free instant advice and tips on controlled gambling.

Hence, counselling plays a key role in determining the safety of the workers in an organisation. Spreading awareness about safety and security is highly essential for the well being of both the company as well as the workers. Happy working!


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