5 Must Haves for a Cosy Home


Winter is here. The nights are long, the days short. Getting out of bed, going out all seems more of an effort than when the days were long and the nights shorter. Now is the time to make your home as cosy as possible. Hot drinks in front of the fire, warm rugs and throws are becoming the order of the day.  So let’s look at must have ideas to make your home cosier and more resilient to the cold weather.


Although many modern homes do not have a fireplace you may want to install one. There is nothing quite like a naked flame on a cold night. In days of old when families used to huddle around the fireplace, there was a sense of belonging. You can recreate this with a fireplace that compliments your home.

Companies such as Barbas Bellfires fireplaces have brought the concept into the 21 century. Many have clean lines and there are plenty of designs to choose from. They are both a centrepiece and yet blend in with the furniture. You no longer need an older house to appreciate the delights a fireplace brings. A hot drink is a must have on cold nights.


Textiles need to feel soft and comfortable for the winter months. They should ooze cosiness. You want to avoid harsh fabrics. What you are aiming for are textiles that make you want to wrap yourself up in them like a duvet.

Colour wise you want earthy colours that compliment the colours outside your window. This gives the feeling of being outside but the warmth generated by your home gives you and your family that warm sense of belonging.


Cosiness and warmth is provided by the right lighting. Like fireplaces, the naked flame of candles has a hypnotic quality that when used correctly can help any home feel warm and snug. Think about lighting dark corners using candles and keeping room lighting dimmer to make your rooms feel warmer and welcoming.

When choosing lighting, ensure your mood spreads from room to room. There is nothing worse than leaving a warm living room and going into a cold kitchen. Try and keep your lighting consistent for a warmer house.

Bath Mats

There is nothing quite like getting out of your bath after a long soak and feeling the soft warm bath mat beneath your feet. This is essential for the winter and helps to accentuate the feeling of relaxation and warmth. It also avoids walking on cold bathroom floors. Nothing compliments a relaxing bath like a great bath mat. Make sure you have slippers!

A good bat mat will feel soft to the touch and make you appreciate the home and the wonders of modern living.

Rugs and Throws

As well as enabling you to change your colour scheme when you feel like it, good use of rugs and throws can really make your home feel warm and give a sense of belonging. Choose the right fabrics for them and they will make your whole family feel snug and are a perfect compliment for the hot drinks which are needed on those long winter nights.

Rugs and throws can make quite a dramatic impact on how your home feels. They are easy to obtain and so you can do some great things with good rugs and throws. Make sure they feel soft to the touch so they generate the right mood.

Books – a Bonus Must Have for you and your Home

As it is cold outside here is a bonus must have for your home, books! Reading books by the fireplace is a time honoured tradition in winter, and you can recreate this by ensuring your shelves feature books. Older, hardback books work better but if you only have a selection of paperback books not to worry it all works well.

Reading is a great way to pass the long winter nights. If you want a modern take on your reading, use a tablet instead of a dusty novel if you must.

The art of making your home feel warm and cosy is how it feels. The lighting should generate mood, the fabrics should be soft and welcoming. Colours should be earthy but at the same time should fit in with your colour scheme. So if you need to use pinks and yellows rather than greens or browns feel free to experiment.

Nature has determined some species need to hibernate for the winter and we are not that different. We need to shelter from the cold and ensure that warmth is generated through the home. Why not make this a cosy experience and a rewarding one?

Best of all on long winter nights is that feeling of warmth that radiates. It makes you feel together with your family and at peace with the world.


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