An Inside Look: The Secrets of Casino Architecture


It has been years since the very first legitimate casino was established. However, today’s evolving architecture and technology is all that has shaped a completely different casino than what people used to see in the earlier days. It is often believed that one of the major factors that have influenced the overall look, construction, and design of the casino is human’s psychology.

In the previous era, casinos were known as a dark and foggy space that was portrayed by an artificial light without any windows. However, the architecture of the casino has entirely changed in recent days. All thanks to some renowned architects like Roger Thomas that made their all possible efforts to incorporate some contemporary features into the casino construction and designing. In order to cater to the demands of this new age audience, architects maintain a vast space to accommodate a plethora of gambling as well as entertainment features.

Let’s discuss some major modifications:

Walls without windows Vs Sunlight

Earlier, the casino architecture was planned considering the orthodox atmosphere which is why there were only a very few or no windows observed. Furthermore, there were no clocks installed in the space. This led to the construction of a cave-like room with no options to ascertain if it’s daytime or has gone dark. This construction is now considered to be an ordinary approach to keep the gamblers engaged in the Casino room.

In 2008, a casino was designed implementing the natural sunlight feature inside the close space.

The Maze vs the Playground

As per the psychology of the traditional architect, casino referred to a space that would induce people to come in and would not let them go out unless they spend a hefty amount. The tactic was to keep the visitors baffled about the timing with no windows and clocks. Slot machines in these casinos were not organized in a clean row but in the chaotic curving arcs. The idea behind this construction was to make it tricky for the visitors to navigate their way out in the muddles slot machine setup.

However, today’s maze concept has completely changed with broad ways, amazing sculptures, and natural sunlight.

Use of colour

Casinos were often designed with bright colours such as blue and red instead of mundane shades. But the colour concept of the recent architect focuses on the wide carpet featuring a single colour rather than painting the walls with ample colour palettes.

Be it past design or the recent casino architecture, the main objective of the developers has never been limited to alluring enormous crowd yet it is essential to keep your audience in once they’ve entered the room. “Casino construction is a complex procedure that includes wall and floor décor plans, a proper atmosphere, and a lot of other stuff that quintessential to gain the interest of your audience”, when asked a comment on this, the owner of Red Spins online casino told us though this is not totally true, it is not something which is totally negligible”.


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