Published Fri, Mar 18th 2016

The MAXifloor system from Fermacell is now supported by two new brochures.

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Leading specialist building boards manufacturer Fermacell has launched new literature to support its MAXifloor hollow flooring system.
A four-page A4 snapshot guide gives a preview of the simple tongue and groove system for new-build and retrofit while its 16-page big brother brochure goes into detail about its characteristics, applications, installation, accessories and finishing.
Designed to help specifiers smoothly integrate building services and communications in modern flooring systems in domestic and commercial applications, it guarantees the three Fs – a future-proof, functional and flexible solution.
Sitting on pedestals between a reinforced concrete structural floor and floor covering such as laminate, parquet and tiles, MAXifloor’s 39mm thick gypsum fibreboard performs to fire protection class F30 and to impact sound levels of 13 to 26dB.
As well as the pedestals, accessories include perimeter strips, adhesive and joint filler. The boards can be cut to size with just a circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw. Both pieces of literature also give guidance on layouts for working loads of between 2 kN and 4 kN.

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