Published Tue, Mar 22nd 2016

Go-Cam is the one-touch video reporting app that delivers live reports from the field.

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A new construction industry smartphone issue reporting app has been launched by Go-Cam.  The app allows off site and loneworkers to create live reports from the field and provides instant video evidence back to base at the touch of a button.

Go-Cam is the one-touch video reporting app that delivers live reports from the field. At a single touch, Go-Cam streams a live report and sends email and text alerts to nominated recipients. The reports function worldwide and are sent live if there is a WiFi or mobile network, or backed-up if not, then securely archived. 

The Report Page provides irrefutable evidence of time, location and sender details along with the video. The Report Page shows the video (live or recorded), sender details, a location map and an in-app texting tool.  All reports are securely archived for access at a later time.

The Go Cam App allows employees and employers to provide clear evidence off issues, accidents and working practices which prevent costly disputes.  It is free to download and use for a month.
Go-Cam App provides live & archived reports giving evidence for…

  • incident management
  • proof of fulfilment
  • risk management
  • customer relations
  • dispute resolution
  • inventory verification
  • insurance claims
  • regulatory compliance

Go-Cam is also available as a white label service by business clients, to function as the company’s own app.  This makes it ideal for construction/FM and larger organisations – The technology can also be integrated into a business’ existing app, adding value with enhanced functionality. Available at a fraction of the cost of a new app built, clients benefit from the stable, fully-developed app, with all back-end issues and updates taken care of by the Go-Cam team.

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Tod Yeadon, founder of Go-Cam, says:

“This is a first class app, which has the ability to power better decision-making across the construction FM and Built environment sectors. With one touch, users can stream video clips directly from their location, informing colleagues of issues in the field with clear, indisputable video evidence.  Go-Cam can also be used to enhance compliance and prevent customer disputes – after all, the tech doesn’t lie! We’re already receiving reports from various different industries coming up with innovative ways to utilise Go-Cam, and we’re very excited to see what the future holds for this disruptive technology.”

Individual users can download the app from their iTunes or Google Play account in the usual way.

It is free to use for a month, all that’s needed is to register with an e-mail address and password and to add Alert Recipient details in Settings – Alert Recipients. Also make sure that you enable Location Services (or equivalent) on your mobile device.

About Go-Cam

Following a free one-month trial, Go-Cam is available worldwide at a monthly subscription of

  • £3.32 per month excl VAT (£3.99 inclusive)
  • USD 5.99 per month
  • Euro 5.49 per month

There is no lock-in or fixed term contract beyond one month.

The subscription delivers all functionality (including e-mail and in-app alerts) other than SMS text message alerts, charged separately as it is a function which will not be needed by all users. SMS text alerts are activated by buying credits. One credit is used per report, sending text alerts to up to five recipients.

  • 10 credits: £4.99
  • 20 credits: £8.99
  • 40 credits £14.99

or equivalent in local currency.

The Go-Cam service works worldwide and SMS text messages are delivered via a global gateway to any country with compatible cellular networks. Please note that the service uses either wifi or cellular networks which may incur data charges from your network supplier.

Representatives from Go-Cam are available for media interviews and speaking opportunities. 
For more information on Go-Cam or to arrange a demonstration of the white label service contact:
Donna Liebenberg, SMPR (Simply Marcomms Limited), The Wolston Priory, Priory Road, Wolston, Warwickshire CV8 3FX Tel: 024 76546150,

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The one-touch video reporting app.
Delivering live reports from the field.
Because clear evidence improves working practices and prevents costly disputes.

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