Innovative Build To Rent Energy Scheme


Tate Consulting partnered with amber energy and MODA to provide an innovative energy and utility management solution for the fast-growing Build to Rent market.

The COMM:UNITY scheme designed by amber energy will provide residents at MODA’s Angel Gardens 466 apartments in Manchester with the unique ability to pay one fee for all utility bills.

This unique approach to the BTR market provides several benefits, mainly a cost saving for residents, with just a single bill for electricity gas and water with no need to switch tariffs each year, or having to provide regular manual meter readings.

Solar panels specified by Tate Consulting were also fitted to the roof of the apartment building alongside a combined heat and power unit, both of which provide electricity that can be used within the building, further reducing energy costs.

Daniel Clegg, Managing Director of COMM:UNITY, said: “What we’re doing is unique. There are lots of advantages to this scheme which means one bill for all utilities so people aren’t dealing with lots of different energy providers.

“People get their utilities at a better price because we look after the building as a whole and can pass on cost efficiencies and provide a bespoke ‘concierge’ level of customer service. 60% of households in the UK are on standard variable tariffs which cost about £200-£300 more a year. We also save money because we don’t have to pay for marketing or switching fees to people like Compare the Market.”

To deliver the quality and cost advantages outlined above, Tate Consulting developed a bespoke Private Wire Electrical Distribution Network (BNO) to maximise the efficient delivery of the utility services at the lowest cost to customers.

Jim Lee, Director at Tate Consulting based in Leeds and London said: “These private networks are designed to allow the infrastructures to adapt to changing trends and be sustainable for the BNO and management team throughout the life of the building.

Tate Consulting worked with MODA from early concept into design development, partnering with amber energy to enable their COMM:UNITY scheme to be rolled out across MODA’s portfolio, including 515 New York Square apartments, which is part of MODA’s SoYo development in Leeds, and Lexington Liverpool a 34-storey tower with 304 apartments.

Daniel Clegg said: “We have worked very closely with Tate Consulting on the Angel Gardens development and MODA portfolio as early as possible because, in the past, if we encountered any difficulties it’s often because it’s too late and difficult to change the design.

“Working with Tate Consulting has been fantastic because they understood our needs from the start and MODA’s vision of how the properties will work when they’re live, so this avoided any such difficulties.”



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 The advantages and disadvantages of different electrical supply systems were investigated by Tate Consulting. This included (a) conventional metering with a district network operator (DNO), where the metering is centrally located, and the utility company supplies and installs the electrical infrastructure to the apartments; (b) an independent network operator (IDNO) who installs, owns and maintains the electrical infrastructure and (c) a building network operator (BNO) who installs and maintains the electrical infrastructure on behalf of the building owner. With the first two, the apartment users have their own individual meters whilst for the latter, the building owner meters and bills the individual tenants.

The metering strategy uses “bulk” metered utility supplies for Electricity, Water and Gas, with MID compliant sub-meters being provided to the apartments for billing. Apartment and landlord meters connect to amber energy’s system data loggers via Mbus connections and amber energy monitor the MODA building portfolio to drive energy efficiency and sustainability across the portfolio to save money for residents and landlords.

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