Top trends for 2019 in smart contemporary kitchen design


Fashion trends change every year and yet the redesign of a kitchen can be expected to last 10 years or more. So how do you design a kitchen that will not only feel fresh and modern today, but also remain functional throughout the entire life of the design.

What is making all the difference in current design is the useful of new technology and clever solutions to ensure that function does not have to be sacrificed for fashion. In addition, greater focus is being given to smaller kitchens for modern apartment and city living which have very different needs compared to the huge american kitchens so often used to showcase modern kitchen design. Space is at a premium, and small kitchens are expected to work hard than ever in the home. Here are some of the ways in which 2019 trends are being influenced by smarter solutions and use of space.


Clever space solutions more important than ever

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Often the most used room in the house, not only for spending time with family but highly functional in the preparation of food. This is why it is so important for the flow of movement through the kitchen to be clear of obstacles and have a natural order to things.

We have all known for many years the optimal triangle for placement of the sink, fridge and oven or hob, yet you also need to ensure you can work easily between the three without getting obstructed by an open cabinet door. You also need to make sure you can easily reach your appliances and other kitchen utensils and crockery.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, switching how the cupboards open can make all the difference, especially in the corners. By switching the corner cabinet hinges to a style that not only swings out , but fold back on themselves, you can save a surprising amount of room, but also reduce obstruction to the contents.

Perfect for busy kitchens when you are constantly in and out of cupboards, and perfect for any corner or L-shaped unit.

Access all areas, no more continuously rearranging cabinets

The other issue with space, is actually being able to access all the internal cupboard space. How often have much loved appliances remained unused at the back of a dark cupboard because it is a lot of trouble to reach it. Or worse – every time we want to use the blender the entire cupboard contents have to come out.

With the right kitchen corner cabinet solutions now available, this no longer needs to be the case. The new innovations are going to be big in design this year, in addition they are also quick to assemble and practical. Solutions such as the ‘Rincoplus40’ for example has a moveable corner post that opens the corner unit up wide.

Alternatively there is also the ‘Rincobasic40’ design which also gives 100% access, but opens from the centre outwards, like you would see on a typical double wall cabinet, but designed to fit neatly into a corner unit.

Minimal hardware with sleek lines and finishes

Another big trend for 2019 is a big reduction in visible hardware such as traditional handles. Sleek lines and clean finishes will be big in the coming year and there is no better way to show this than through the use of clever profile handles.

Profile handles are key in any modern minimalist design. Integrating neatly into the front of a kitchen cabinet  or drawer, aesthetically it can appear as if there are no handles at all. Elegant and revolutionary in their design and installation using the innovative click system, the various Syma S32, Syma 50 Customizable, Syma 32 Inglete, Syma 2 Inglete, models will be big this coming year.

Available in all the finishes set to be big in kitchen design, such as the darker colours and matt finishes tips to be hot next year also they are perfect for kitchen designs. These small innovative touches are what makes a kitchen stand the test of time, and these types of features will be considered a must have in kitchen cabinet solutions in the future.



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