Horticulture / Landscape Supervisor Apprenticeship approved


The approval of a horticulture/landscaper supervisor apprenticeship is the latest in a suite of new standards which are revolutionising careers for the future in arboriculture, forestry horticulture and landscape industries.

The new apprenticeship, announced by the arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape apprenticeship trailblazer group will provide the technical and supervisory skills for those who are maintaining and installing parks, gardens and commercial landscapes. 

This apprenticeship joins the arborist, forest operative and horticulture / landscape operative apprenticeship standards that were approved in the summer of 2017.  Designed by employers working together as the trailblazer group, they contain the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will provide the industry with highly-qualified workers.

All these apprenticeships contain the key practical skills required for workers in their respective roles – from tree climbing, planting and felling to soil cultivation and hard landscaping.  Successful candidates must pass rigorous end tests that demonstrates they have not only reached the standards required by employers, but also that they can put their skills and knowledge together and do the job effectively.

In their first year of being available for delivery, 127 candidates registered on the arborist and 507 on the horticulture / landscape operative apprenticeships.  This represents a solid start for these new programmes and the trailblazer group is committed to working with training and assessment providers to make these programmes successful.

The employers in the trailblazer group are now discussing future applications for further apprenticeship standards, based on the findings of a recent survey of relevant businesses.

Bartlett Tree Experts has stepped down as the lead employer for the trailblazer group and we would like to thank them for their tireless leadership throughout the project.  They remain Chair of the arboriculture sub-group and are succeeded by Ground Control Ltd, who have been Chairing the horticulture sub-group since the start in 2014.

This work would not have been possible without the hard work, investment and persistence of employers and trade organisations from the industries concerned, which shows how important it is that we work together to ensure the supply of skilled and motivated new entrants to our respective sectors.


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