How Can Thoughtful Construction Help Businesses Save on Energy Bills?


As the world looks to reduce its impact on the environment, one area that’s changing is construction. Governments and officials throughout the globe have started to introduce new guidelines for the construction of new buildings. Manufacturers need to be more mindful over the materials used and buildings now need to feature a more sustainable design in order to meet new regulations.

It’s not just the environment which can benefit from more thoughtful construction. Businesses could also feel the benefits, particularly in their pockets! Here, we’ll look at how more thoughtful construction can help businesses to save on their energy bills.

Insulating warehouses

One of the biggest costs’ businesses face is keeping their warehouses at adequate temperatures. They are renowned for being cold and when built incorrectly, can waste a lot of energy throughout the year. This is where insulation comes in really useful.

Adding high-quality insulation into warehouses can help to trap the heat in, reducing the strain on heating systems. It can also keep the warehouse cooler in the summer months too, ensuring more heat is kept outdoors.

Using air source heat pumps

Speaking of heating, if businesses switched to air source heat pumps, they could save over 50% on their energy bills. They’re efficient, cost effective and renewable, making them an excellent choice for new buildings.

These types of heating systems can even eliminate the need for a gas boiler, electric, oil and LPG. It’s thought that using air source heat pumps can save thousands of pounds for businesses each year.

Efficient lighting controls

A simple thoughtful construction element which could also save businesses money on their energy bills, is the use of efficient lighting controls. Using sensors, timers and lighting controls can make significant cost reductions, as well as proving to be much better for the environment.

Of course, even in existing buildings cost savings can still be delivered through the use of energy management. Companies such as Utilitywise, can ensure businesses have the best energy deals.

Overall, thoughtful construction can help to really lower business energy costs. The above is just some of the ways new buildings can be constructed with energy savings in mind. Adding insulation and switching to more efficient heating systems such as air source heat pumps are both great examples of how small installations can make a huge difference to a company’s energy bills.


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