How The Rise Of Power Tools Has Revolutionised The Construction Industry


The key issues facing the construction industry are usually budget and time constraints. We are increasingly pressured to complete projects within strict programmes whilst sticking to allocated budgets. The rise of power tools has been critical to making construction projects more efficient, quicker and less expensive.

In the early ‘80s, the first battery powered tools hit the market. They were received with mixed emotions as many didn’t believe they would ever have the power to replicate cordless tools. But in recent years, cordless technology has advanced so far that most of us couldn’t see any other way to complete a job than with our trusted power tool in hand.

The Power Of Volts

One of the biggest advancements in power tools is the increase in voltage rating. Generally, if the voltage is higher, the tool will have more power to drive bigger bits. But bigger isn’t always better. If you work in small or confined spaces, you may benefit from a smaller voltage which will suit a smaller tool. This will be much easier and more comfortable to work with.

Amp-hour Rating

Our power tools have also been revolutionised by improved battery capacities. The Amp Hour (AH) specification tells us how much energy can be stored by the battery. Advancements in this technology means our cordless batteries can run for longer than ever before.

Lithium-ion Batteries

The creation of lithium-ion batteries has revolutionised the construction industry. Many batteries used for cordless power tools and machines are now lithium-ion and we can see why. They’re generally lighter than other types of batteries, making them easier to use. They can also store a much higher density of energy and hold their charge, so last a lot longer than traditional batteries.

So, how has the development of power tools improved the construction industry?

Shorter Programmes

Power tools are much more efficient than traditional manual tools and make jobs much quicker to complete. This has allowed shorter project timescales to become a reality.

Advance in Materials

The rise of power tools has allowed the construction industry to advance massively. We can now use more ambitious materials and methods than ever before. Power drills allow us to penetrate materials that would be impossible manually.

Cost Savings

The rise of power tools and machinery has been hugely cost effective to the construction industry. Companies used to spend huge amounts of budget on man hours to get the job done. Now, our technological capabilities mean we can use less man-power and much quicker construction methods which massively reduces costs.

There is no doubt that the rise of cordless power tools has revolutionised the construction industry. The power we now hold in our hands has made construction more efficient than ever before.


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