Is your business’s waste management giving you optimal economic results?


Employee-owned packaging supplier, Kite Packaging, has taken its environmental waste management a step further thanks to the business’s new waste compacters.

Kite’s new additions allow businesses to effectively sort waste at its source, bundling and downsizing waste levels in-house which has a knock on effect for UK waste management as it reduces the environmental impact from businesses through minimising the waste sent to landfill.

These innovative systems are the ideal economical solutions to save time, money and space for industries across the board. With four compact balers to choose from, organisations can find the machine that’s most suited to their operational requirements.

The versatile range of waste balers offers efficient compaction for different volume day to day operation and thanks to their innovative features such as an integrated kicker, that extracts the bale out once it is formed, companies can reduce costs and increase profits whilst allocating less time for the job.

Workforces can eradicate manually flattening and cramming waste into bins, as these balers compact the waste in one swift movement, therefore removing time-consuming inconsistencies that manual, disjointed waste management brings.

They can effectively compact cardboard, plastic, paper, textile and even food waste, all into one small, compact bale which can be disposed of efficiently and in the right way, therefore also encouraging recycling in the workplace.

These new waste compactors give a substantial return of investment as they can bring significant cash savings on landfill taxes and waste collection as well as reducing the manual labour costs.

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