5 Perfect Uses of Concrete in the Garden


Concrete brings both practicality and beauty to any garden, if used in the right way. While it’s primarily known for being a high-strength material that does the ‘grunt work’ of a garden, concrete can also be used in the creation of stunning statement pieces. In this article, we explore five uses of concrete in the garden – ranging from the expected to the unconventional.

1. Quirky furniture & features

Concrete is commonly associated with practical purposes, but did you ever consider that it could be used to craft an elegant water feature, a decorative candle holder, or even an al fresco table and chairs? If you’re DIY savvy, you may want to have a go at being creative and making your very own pieces to suit your space. Concrete moulds are available online, helping homeowners across the country transform their spaces. The choices are endless – bird baths, benches, dining tables, clocks, wood burners, and more. Just get on Google and see what ideas are out there.

2. Sculpture

Perhaps your garden could benefit from an artistic touch? One increasingly popular idea is to use imprinted stencils to create statement pieces or paving stones, such as leaf and flower designs or shaped stones. Whether left bare or painted, these can bring a decorative touch to any garden and become a talking point for visitors. Why not try crafting concrete globes using an inflated balloon? Simply put the wet concrete mix around as much of the balloon as you wish (leaving a gap can transform them from globes into planters), wait for it to set, and then pop the balloon.

3. Footpaths, paving & stepping stones

The sturdy, durable nature of concrete makes it ideal for surfaces experiencing high foot and vehicle traffic. As concrete can be shaped easily in its liquid state, you can experiment with a range of different footpath, paving or stepping stone styles . You can keep it simple with evenly-sized stones, or create a mismatched, tumbledown look for a more quirky feel. Stepping stones don’t have to be plain, though; why not adorn yours with decorative jewels or stencilled patterns?

4. Driveways & parking spaces

High-strength and robust, concrete is the ideal material to withstand your vehicle’s comings and goings. You may be tempted to opt for a gravel driveway, but the strength would not be at the same level – plus, gravel scatters easily. Concrete therefore has an edge when it comes to durability and longevity.

5. Raised beds & planters

Concrete can play a big part in greening up your garden. Combining the urban character of concrete with the natural look of plants makes for a memorable contrast that adds a stylish touch to any garden. Planters and raised beds can be easily constructed from concrete, but the design and layout is totally up to you. Get your project off the ground and contact your reliable local concrete supplier.


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