7 Buying Tips for Used Forklifts Listed for Sale


As a small or large business owner, buying used forklift truck can be an amazing and cost-effective way to be able to meet up with order requirements. Read more here. But these second-hand machines has its very own problems which might cost you, clients, later on when they malfunction. Below, you will find our best tips that will enable you to explore the potential problems that might be hidden on the trucks or by sellers.

  1. Ensure the truck will be able to meet your lifting needs

Forklift trucks may appear to be pretty the same to a novice. But, they are actually so different based on the model and intended uses.

What will you use the forklift truck for – heavy or light loads? How big should the truck be? Will you need to use it on a routine basis?  Is your truck going to work outside or inside? Do you need to abide by any rules on fumes and noise in the environment? Does it have long poles that can reach high platforms and shelves? You have to think of all this while picking the appropriate truck.

A trustworthy seller will only sell the truck to you after examining your site in order to determine if the truck will be suitable for your business needs. Do note that most online retailers are less likely to do this. To be on the safe side, you should ask a certified Virginia dealer like to visit your business and provide a quotation for both used and new trucks. Then you will get a clear idea on the exact equipment that you need and costs.

  1. Do visual assessment

Having to depend on the pictures and description of the seller is one of the unmistakable detriments of purchasing online.

Ensure that you check for leaks, welding, rust or any other damages that might indicate underlying problems. This is easier to do if the dealer is in your local area. Otherwise, just ask for more pictures or even a video of the truck.

  1. Scrutinize the warranty

It is essential to have a decent warranty when purchasing a used truck. Check carefully to see how long it lasts, what it covers and what isn’t covered.

Even if the truck still has a warranty from the manufacturers, call them to confirm if the warranty can be transferred or not.

  1. Test drive it

It is harder to buy a used truck than a used car. The reason is that forklift trucks are regulated and substantially more dangerous. Never pay anyone for a truck that you are yet to test drive. If you are unavailable or unfit to drive it, hire an operator to do that. The operator will be able to test all the functions and check for exhaust fumes and hydraulic leaks.

  1. Ask for Thorough Examination Certificate

All trucks are legally required to have one. This guarantees that the vehicles conform to PUWER and LOLER directions. But it is similar to a vehicle MoT, you should depend entirely on it since it does not check the complete condition of the truck.

  1. Ensure the truck is certified and not illegally imported

In the used forklift market, there is a developing trend of imports by rogue dealers. It is recommended that you stay away from them. Though there are still many trustworthy suppliers. You can check out Sun Equipment used forklifts, and lift trucks from other companies which provides registered trucks.

If you buy from rogue dealers, you will find it almost impossible to move it to your location and find parts for the truck in the future. In case of a mishap, it might even make your insurance invalid.

Always check that the truck has an authentic CE mark. Also, ensure that the CE Certificate, user manual, identity plate, and other labels, comes in the right language.

  1. Ensure the battery life is good if you are buying an electric truck

The battery for forklift trucks can be very expensive – worth over 40% of the truck’s value. It is extremely vital that there’s a lot of mileage remaining in the battery cells.

As a standard guideline, the normal FLT battery last for about 1200 charges and each charge will run for 5 hours. Get a rough estimate by dividing clocked hours by 5. Assess the battery for any damage or leaks. Consider getting extra insurance cover for the battery. Visit here for more info:

These few tips will ensure that you don’t buy a dud.  Also, make sure that you check the truck mileage versus the one in the service history. Don’t forget to also verify the suitability of the mast and ensure it extends smoothly. When leasing a forklift, always make sure you research.


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