Boosting Productivity in the Construction Industry


The quest to increase productivity is known by managers across all industries. However, the construction industry in particular has a well-documented history of mismanagement and inefficiency. In this article, the team at Hitchcock & King will take a look at ways inwhich this can be remedied, so you can get your team working at optimal efficiency!

Workflow map

Creating a map of the entire workflow is an excellent starting point for any project. However, it’s often overlooked simply because it can be rather time consuming. Without it, though, resources might not be allocated properly and time not managed correctly, leading to sluggish performance. Knowing who’s doing what at any given time is a good starting point for many managers wanting a more productive and efficient project.

Keep an inventory

On a construction site, when the flow of work is obstructed momentum can quickly go. For example, if workers are waiting for supplies to be brought in when they run out, the consequent delays can have a real impact on productivity, and getting things back up to
speed can be difficult. To combat this, keeping an inventory of all the materials and equipment on site ensures that things can be replenished before they run out, keeping the momentum up.

Regular breaks

Breaks are important for any workforce as it give employees time to recharge. Construction is no different. In fact, if anything, breaks in the construction industry are even more important. This is largely because, as well as mentally sharp, manual workers need to be well rested in order to carry out their work efficiently. Competitive pay and benefits

While money isn’t the only way to incentivise workers, it’s still one of the best. If you only offer low pay and no benefits, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find that your workforce are unhappy and unmotivated. With the right pay, benefits and bonus schemes in place, you will find that employees will be more than happy to keep their energy up all week long. What’s more, sometimes it’s not even about the money – a workforce want to feel valued, and in the construction industry this is no different.


Training initiatives

Not only does training improve a workforce, allowing them to develop new skill sets, it empowers them, too. That is, if you offer your staff more work and work which enables them to grow, develop and keep their mind focused, they will be much more likely to maintain a high level of productivity. On top of this, offering training initiatives demonstrates to your staff that your company is somewhere worth working for long term, making it much easier to keep their interest.

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