Ready Mix Concrete – The Various Types And Advantages That You Must Know


The workers take special care while preparing ready-mix concrete in the factory. It is prepared with a batching plant, under specific temperature and conditions. This plant produces the ready-mix concrete in the unhardened and mixed state. The experts of the construction industry use it in various types of products. The reason behind its popularity is every batch of ready-mix concrete is different and is based on the type of construction project.

So, whenever there is a demand for the concrete on-site, the truck can bring the ready-mix concrete to the section where it is required directly. It enhances the flexibility of the project. Therefore, it is used in various civil and residential construction projects.


Three Types Of Ready Mix Concrete Plant That You Must Know

There are three types of ready mix plants that produce the different types of ready mix concrete. They are as follows.


  1. Transit Mixed Concrete or Dry Batch Ready-Mix Concrete Plan

Here the mixing of the concrete depends upon the rotating speed of the mixer. It has three stages. When the professional loads water and materials to the drum, its speed is is 2 RPM. After a particular time, it rotates with the average speed of 8 RPM. When the mixture needs to be discharged, it rotates at the highest speed of 13 to 15 RPM. This higher speed makes sure that everything is mixed in the drum properly.


  1. Wet-Batch or Central-Mix Plants

Another name for this type of plant is a pre – mix plant. It means that the concrete is mixed well in the plant and loaded into the mixer of the truck. The professionals believe that the wet-batch plants provide higher productivity in comparison to the dry batch ready-mix plant. Therefore the former is preferred generally.


  1. Shrink Mixed Concrete Plant

In such plants, different mixing drums execute the mixing operation. First, the plant mixture does the work. After this, the drum mounted on the truck does the rest. This truck is then transported to the construction site for the further process. Also, the length of the mixing performed on the truck depends upon the extent of mixing done in the drum for the first time.


Advantages Of The Ready-Mix Concrete

It provides various advantages to the professionals working on such projects. Have a look at these benefits to know better about the ready-mix concrete.


  1. Ready-Mix Concrete Is a Quality Product

During the on-site concrete mixing, many times the workers do not pay much attention to the quantity and the quality of the materials. They do not consider which tools are good for the process. The ready-mix concrete plant offers the best ready -mix concrete in the controlled conditions.


  1. It Saves The Time And Cost Of The Project

It is not always easy to meet the deadline of the construction projects. Also, the increasing costs can make things difficult for the clients. To tackle such situations, Ready-mix concrete will save a lot of time.

When the workers are not engaged in mixing the concrete for the variety of tasks, it means that they are saving a lot of time. It will help in the quick completion of the task.


  1. Structures Made Up Of Ready Mix Concrete Are Durable

When you get your dream home constructed, you pray it to be the perfect construction. You put all your hard-owned money on it and pray that you do not have to spend more in its maintenance and repair for a long time. Ready-mix concrete makes it possible for you. It offers durability to the structure that makes it robust. Also, the structure made up of ready-mix concrete will only require a little maintenance. Thus, it is surely going to save you money.


  1. It Is An Environmentally Friendly Option

When the requirement of the concrete is estimated in the project, the mixer produces only that particular amount. It leads to less wastage of the materials. It saves the area from the pollution of any sort.

Therefore, it can be said that the ready-mix concrete provides some major benefits to the structure. If you are impressed by its features and need a trustworthy ready mix contractor like RMS Concrete, you have various options online. You can pick one for your construction projects as well.


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