Stargazing Hawaiian Style


The islands of Hawaii are like black pearls in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Most people know that the place is the treasure chest of many natural wonders including black sand beaches, turquoise-colored ocean, waterfalls and chaotic yet beautiful volcanic eruptions. Little did people know that the island-state is also one of the best places to look up the clear sky at night.

Yup, Hawaii is also the best spot to do stargazing. The unpolluted air and the high elevation of its mountains mean that you will have an unobstructed view of the bright stars and other heavenly bodies visible to the naked eyes or with the aid of sophisticated telescopes. There is so much beautiful Hawaii real estate on market to view these stars.

Another reason why a state is a great place for astronomy encounter is that of its altitude. Hawaii is positioned at 21 degrees North Latitude which makes it able to see both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere which makes it the only state in the US which will make you able to see both the North Star and the Southern Cross.

If you are planning to visit Hawaii, here are some stargazing activities that you can try:

* Check the astronomy calendar of celestial events prior to your visit. Be informed about the perfect date and time to catch astronomical events, including moon phases. You don’t want to miss the spectacular show that rarely happens in 10 or 100 years.

* If you will be heading on to the Big Island, find a tour that will take you to the summit of Muana Kea for sunrise. You can also do a warmer stargazing at the lower elevation through a telescope. Or head on to Imiloa Astronomy Center where you can use their telescopes to see a clearer view of the stars and other heavenly bodies.

* On Oahu, take time to visit the Bishop Museum and enjoy its planetarium. They also have a website where you can find night sky events in Hawaii.

*Visit the University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy. It has tons of information related to astronomy that will serve as your guide.

*Some hotels are promoting stargazing on their rooftop to attract guests. One example of this is the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort in Kaanapali.  Scout for hotels that let you experience stargazing in Hawaii.

* If you have the money for it, you can rent a barge and experience stargazing in the middle of the ocean. The calmness of the ocean plus the magical sightings up above will make your Hawaii vacation an unforgettable treat. If you are in the market for Hawaiian real estate contact a trusted Hawaii real estate agent.


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