Arthur Online launches new integrations with Advanced Tenant Referencing and Signable


Arthur Online – the cloud-based property management platform – has made property management simpler by integrating with Advanced Tenant Referencing and Signable. You can now manage the tenant onboarding process from end-to-end using the Arthur Online app or desktop platform, without a single piece of paper exchanging hands.

This new integration enables you to swiftly and securely complete your tenant reference check and update your account with the new tenant’s details. Your prospective tenant can even sign all documents via the app.

Arthur Online’s integration with AdvancedRent, a market leader in tenant referencing, allows for efficient management by seamlessly moving data from one software to another, saving time and money. With a simple push of a button, the information from the prospective tenant is sent out for referencing. Our tracking system allows you to easily track the progress of the reference. When complete, Arthur Online will notify you, your team, the owner and the tenant of the outcome. And, if anything needs to be signed, the Signable integration means that the tenancy agreement can be completed in minutes.

Marc Trup, founder and CEO of Arthur Online, says: “Paperwork used to be the bane of property management, especially when it comes to HMOs. The paperwork and checks for just one building could zap a whole day. But now, with our integration to Advanced Tenant Referencing you only have to put the tenant’s information in once to get it checked, issue the tenancy, file the details with the accountant and deal with any issues that arise. At Arthur Online, we are all about enabling our clients to navigate the minefield that is property management, and Signable and Advanced Tenant Referencing are the latest of a number of leading tools we use to do just that.”

Arthur Online gives property managers unprecedented control of their portfolio, whether dealing with tenants, contractors, accountants or agents.  Arthur Online is available as an app and desktop platform from , you can sign up for a free 30-day trial today.


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