Can the Housing Crisis in London be Solved?


The UK has been embroiled in a housing crisis for quite some time, and London has taken the brunt of the impact in many respects. While many people are eager to live and work in the capital, there’s unfortunately not enough room or opportunity for everyone. Space is limited and the costs of living are high, and many have now begun to wonder if London is even close to a plan that will resolve the issue.

Consequently, it’s worth posing the question; can the housing crisis in London be solved?


Political Factors

As most people well know, politics absolutely influences the housing landscape. This is especially true of London, where numerous reports indicate that Brexit is dampening the appeal of the capital completely. Rent rates have shot up to unprecedented levels, and crime and pollution have also played their parts in putting a dent in the London housing market.

Solutions can only be found here amongst the squabbling MP’s in Westminster. It’s the first place where answers should be found and enacted. There isn’t any one cause at the heart of London’s housing crisis; unfortunately, there’s an entire list of them. Only when a good Brexit deal is secured, and crime and pollution get lower, will the London housing crisis slowly begin to dissipate.


Outsourcing Services

London real estate is a turbulent terrain, and many who work in this industry tend to tally up a bad reputation. While those on the commercial side seem to be rather savvy thanks to consultancy companies like Avison Young, those on the residential side of things face a different reality. However, those in business can help would-be buyers find a new place to call home!

While housing development businesses are starting to buckle under the weight of their obligations, they can possibly alleviate some of their problems by outsourcing select services; such as finance and funding. That way, they can run their operations in a more smooth and efficient fashion and get people into homes quicker. It lightens up the workload and frees up room for them to focus, instead of being bogged down and overwhelmed by processes they just can’t keep up with.


Micro Homes

Micro homes aren’t known to many just yet. However, it’s quite feasible that they soon will be more popular, particularly among the younger generations looking to get their start after moving out of their parent’s home. After all, it’s been stated that micro homes could well solve the London housing crisis in totality, giving people a space to bunker down in the capital.

These micro homes are, perhaps obviously, incredibly small. However, the smart features and innovations within them still allow the residents to have a diverse lifestyle; such as by utilising foldable furniture. They can come with communal areas located elsewhere in the residential building too, but obviously, these homes aren’t quite for everyone. There’s a severe lack of space that some might call oppressive, especially if they’re claustrophobic. Consequently, it’s hard to imagine micro homes swooping in and saving the day alone, though they could certainly help with the housing crisis on some level.


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