Site Safety Options – Hiring Fire Protection Products


A look at how some building contractors may choose to hire fire fighting equipment for their future projects.

Modern Sites

Although it could be argued that building sites abound with potential health and safety issues for all personnel working in such areas, it has to be said that many of the modern-day construction sites spare no expense when it comes to HSE regulations. Indeed, carpenters, bricklayers and other trades have commonly seen going about their daily tasks on new housing development or shopping mall project can rest assured that the main contractor will make sure all health and safety measures have been implemented. And just like most large building contractors or even small subcontractors will prefer to hire various equipment to get their work done such as compressors, dumper trucks or power tools as opposed to purchasing them, the same could be said for state-of-the-art fire alarms and fire extinguishing products. However, contractors that fail to consider all the options available to them with regards to wireless alarm systems and fire extinguishers, as well as related signs, could end up with inferior fire protection gear.


Safety First

Regardless of how much pressure a leading building contractor may be under to get their latest city centre project completed and handed over to the client, it is absolutely vital for these types of companies to ensure the safety of all people working on their sites. Of course, not only will major firms involved in various commercial and domestic construction works comply with the HSE in order to avoid being penalised or even shut down but most of these firms will do so just for ethical or moral reasons. One growing trend, however; with regard to the procurement of fire prevention is hiring the equipment for fire safety planning. Indeed, as construction sites are continuously in a state of change and development, the type of fire fighting systems needed at various phases will often be different from the start of the projects. One main reason for this is that there will be a wide range of materials not only used to carry out the work but also materials that make up the structure of the buildings. Builders that appreciate the benefits to be gained from renting fire alarm systems and associated equipment should be able to source a number of firms suitable for their needs.


Expert Advice

Building contractors that prefer to stick with what they know best – building properties, are likely to look for providers of wireless alarms and fire extinguishers and other health and safety products from firms that are experts in this field. Fortunately for firms in the building game that do not wish to waste time deciding on the most appropriate fire safety products for their sites, there are plenty of well-established firms with fire protection solutions that offer a consultation service for all their clients. Of course, building site managers that could do with some advice on where best to place things like fire extinguishers or fire exit points do need to ensure they get this aspect right. That being said, with today’s extremely strict HSE regulations in place, there is very little chance of a building site not being up-to-scratch regarding health and safety concerns. And just like it is very important to keep all working areas on a construction site free from hazardous materials whenever possible, building site managers would be wise to attend as many HSE workshops as they have time for.


Hire Equipment

Tradespeople that have used a variety of hire tools and other equipment over the years will appreciate how some of the gear they have used have not been very good due to a lack of maintenance carried out by the hire company. Of course, if we are going to hire extremely important equipment such as fire alarms and extinguishers, it would go without saying that all such gear needs to be properly cleaned and checked by the firm we deal with. There are in fact many benefits to hiring equipment for construction sites. And by looking on the internet for extremely useful resources, construction bosses should be able to get a better idea regarding the pros and cons of renting machinery and power tools as well as fire protection equipment and systems.


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