Statistically, the United Kingdom’s population has increased by 7% in the last decade, increasing to just over sixty three million according to a recent census. With reported falling property prices and low interest rates, now may seem like the intelligent time to invest in buying a property in the UK. However, with the uncertainty of Brexit, and the statistic of just 285,000 properties being bought with cash alone in 2018, it begs the question, are investors hesitant to buy UK properties?

Below are just a few reasons why people may be hesitant to invest in a UK property in 2019:

a “no deal” Brexit is chosen, house prices are predicted to fall by 30%, which compares with the drop of 17% in the average UK property as a result of the financial crisis ten years ago. Again, it also comes back to the political and financial uncertainty of the UK at present, and how this will potentially discourage foreign investors.

However: Some of these aspects could actually be seen as advantageous for new and experienced investors alike.

Although there undoubtedly pros and cons to be considered before investing in a UK property, it’s fair to say there are significant arguments for both sides. As with any investment, there are risks and pay-offs, so are investors hesitant to invest in UK properties? The debate is ongoing.