Heating and Plumbing Solutions for your Bathroom


When it comes to thinking about adding new or updating existing heating and plumbing systems, we realise it requires a lot of thought as often these can use a substantial amount of your home renovations budget. Choosing the right heating system is crucial to creating a comfortable and efficient home and will be different for every property and its owners.

Whether you are already homeowners or looking to become first-time buyers we have several heating and plumbing solutions that may be helpful to you. One of the most used rooms in your home is the bathroom and it is important to ensure your renovations are all in working order before even considering the design. We are stripping it back to basics in terms of things to consider for your bathroom.

From hot water, leaks, corroded pipes and those consistent water bills we have put together this guide on some fantastic fixes for your bathroom and plumbing:

If your hot water is in short supply

If your hot water has become sparse and your relaxing showers aren’t what they used to be then you may need to replace your hot water heater. When it comes to choosing you may wish to look at both conventional and tankless models. Conventional one’s can supply multiple appliances at once which may be better suited to your property. New water heaters are more efficient and so your water bill could be considerably lower!

Water leaks and corroded pipes

Unfortunately, from time to time you may experience a water leak, or if you are buying an old house the pipes will often need replacing. It is important to know the age of your home as pipes should be replaced every 80 to 100 years and much less for PVC drainpipes that only last around 25 years. Replacing your plumbing pipes before they burst can save you thousands in damages. PVC piping is also popular as it costs less and can be installed much more quickly. Alternative options are conventional brass, copper or steel. If you must replace any pipes it also gives you the opportunity to place them in a different area.

Plumbing fixtures are boring and outdated

This could be your chance to upgrade your plumbing fixtures to newer models or invest in boiler parts such as these glow worm boiler spares for your home. Often this is an easy upgrade as many of them are inexpensive. This job can be a little more fun than other plumbing tasks as there are a variety of colours, materials and designs available when it comes to boiler spares and other fittings. So not only will they look the part, but new fixtures can also be more efficient that your old ones.

Water bills draining your wallet

Expensive water bills are often related to leaking fixtures. This could be down to several reasons such as, a continuously running toilet. It is important to test everything for any leaks whether they are slow or heavy. If you hear a random flushing noise coming from your toilet, it may be time to replace your fill valve and flapper. If everything has been repaired and your water bill doesn’t seem to be decreasing, then it may be worth while booking a professional to come and inspect. It’s also worth noting that low-flow showerheads and toilets help to reduce water output without sacrificing pressure and can dramatically improve usage compared to older models that may clog. Eco-friendly bathroom plumbing should not be overlooked either as it helps to cut your environmental footprint.

Looking to sell your home

If you are in a hurry to sell your home, then renovating your bathroom may help with a speedy sale. Investing in your bathroom can bring a huge return if you are going to spend on any home improvement prior to moving out. If you are remodelling your interior, it is also worth investing in quality tiles and upscale fixtures as a shiny new bathroom lets you up your asking price!

Let us know if you have any other heating and plumbing tips for your home.


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