How using an interior designer can make the most of your space


Beautiful spaces are carefully designed and decorated by experts to make the people who use those spaces feel relaxed, comfortable and surrounded by beauty.

When you walk into an amazing hotel, or shop and are inspired by the decoration and the use of light and space that gives it personality, it is no accident. It is a feeling we often seek to replicate in our own homes.

To create a place of beauty, that also reflects our personality while still being able to use it in a practical way with our family. This is more difficult than you might think, and to really get the look you want the only way is to hire a professional interior designer.

A way to express yourself in the home around you

You might be worried that by hiring a professional interior designer, that the finished space will lose some of the sense of your personality and likes, and start to reflect more the style of the designer themselves.

This will not happen with a good designer. They will gently influence, after all with the experience they will know how to make the best use of light, and how to design a complementary colour palette, but this is all meant to enrich and enhance your own preferences.

The customer comes first, and this means embracing your individuality in their designs and to ensure every step of the way that your expectations will be met. Most who use the services of a designer often find that the designer is able to suggest ways to represent your styles in a manner that you would likely never have thought of.

Consider a designer like a specialist advisor and coordinator of your project. They will bring all their expertise to bear in what the latest trends are in the market, modern decoration and refurbishment techniques, how to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly and also how to make sure a space is practical for family life as well as beautiful. This advice and guidance is priceless.

Getting help with a refurbishment project can save you time and money

The big transformation of your house can be very complicated. It is not just the aesthetics, but the practical building work as well. Bringing together multiple workmen and suppliers and ensuring the overall vision and plan is followed can be quite daunting without the help of a project manager.Costs and delays can quickly turn the whole thing into a nightmare.

This is why it is better to work with someone who can manage this for you, with consultancy, planning and also the execution of those plans. You also need someone who can find local, reliable quality workmen.

Access to the best contacts and suppliers in the business

When you work with an expert – like those at, you know that you are getting the best in the business. With 29 years experience in interior design, and 14 years experience in refurbishment and construction, you know that they will be able to connect with the most specialist craftsmen and suppliers available, both on the island of Mallorca and all around the work.

If you are looking to renovate your living space on Mallorca, and do not speak the local language, then this can be incredibly challenging and make it impossible to get what you need done. You also need to have knowledge of the local laws and regulation in terms of contracts and renovations, but someone with 20 years experience in Mallorca, that speaks three languages will be able to take care of all of this for you, and take much of the worry out of the works. You can have peace of mind, and just watch it all come together around you, then simply do what is meant to be done and enjoy your new space.


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