What Can We Expect From the Construction Technology in Near Future?


The world has become a very competitive place for companies in every industry. Construction companies cannot compete with price, so they must find a way to lower their costs and inefficiencies. Leading companies from all over the world push the boundaries of technology solutions, in order to make their work more efficient as well as reduce expenses.

The key elements for standing out in the construction business are innovations in construction technology. The other problem that they face is the lack of knowledge in that sector as the experienced professionals start to retire. The safety of the workers is also a crucial part of using innovative technology in this business.

Furthermore, we will discuss some of the innovations that are coming to the construction business.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

As the world is going forward, many of the sectors must follow the path in order to survive. The construction business can be improved a lot if we use data-driven technology. This will enable every company to be more efficient and precise. Internet of Things means that the business will be followed, analyzed, and improved using the technology from today. Embedded sensors on a connected worksite can create huge possibilities and improvements by collecting and managing data, performance, workflow and so on.

Smart devices that will be wearable in the construction business will be everywhere analyzing every worker and position in the company. The innovations in the construction technology will bring us the whole system connected together such as cameras, sensors, etc. communicating with one another with the opportunity to improve the results.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the world’s number one trend for the future. People are expecting to bring machine brain into the industry which will have a big impact on the work. Robotics combined with Artificial Intelligence defines the process of Machine Learning.

In order to have faster, more efficient and precise results, people in every industry are going to be replaced with machines that are capable of completing the work. Some of the innovations are already here such as the which aggregates visual information from the cameras placed on the workplace and using artificial intelligence can detect potential hazards and safety violations.

With this, we just scratched the service of the technology. AI has enormous potential that will have a positive outcome when it will be used in the construction business.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the new trend that combines statistic, modeling, machine learning, AI and data mining. This innovative technology can point out any safety concerns and provide us with budget outlooks, more innovations, and increased development.

This method is so sophisticated that can predict opportunities, anticipate problems, and help managers for their decisions. It is already used in tennis betting and other kind of gambling industries as well as by sports pundits and managers. Predictive Analytics can be used in the construction business as well, as a new way of problem-solving with the use of data and predicting patterns in the workflow.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality is not designed just for games. Actually, alongside with Augmenter Reality, it can provide incredible support to the construction business. Both AR and VR technology can provide real-time 3D models to physical spaces. This will provide more precise projects as well as testing them into the real world with the AR technology.

The special awareness of the workers can be improved with VR/AR as well as providing a real-time construction idea in the real world. People will be able to design a building or a room only with their VR headset.

  1. Autonomous Equipment

Actually, this technology is already available and is widely used in the automotive industry. Robotics can provide greater efficiency as well as safety. Nowadays, the use of drones in construction is massive, providing valuable information that was out of reach for humans a couple of years ago. For example, the drone can generate a 3D model of a building by calculating the area through GPS in minutes, calculate the volume of earth that needs to be moved and much more.

Construction business is all about reducing costs. Only that way you can stay competitive and increase your earnings. Costs can be reduced by efficiency and error-free workplace, and the only way you can create that environment is by using autonomous equipment in construction.

These are some of the innovations in the construction business that will ensure a more stable, easier and safer future. The technology can be used in every industry, we just have to use our imagination and improve constantly. We will see what improvements will the future bring to the construction technology in business.

Author: Mario Petkovski


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