Boulder Residents Find Top Local House Painters To Stay On Trend

While home renovations are often the first thing that people start to look at when they feel their home needs an upgrade, before you start to rip out your kitchen or look at pricing up a new bathroom, have a look at your interior coloring.

Repainting your house interior can be one of the easiest things you can do to give your home a complete makeover, but you need to make sure that you aren’t dating yourself with your color choices and decorating style.

Just like you can often tell where a house is located based on its exterior style, you can also tell where a house is by its interior color scheme. From more modern styles and trends in the west to more traditional styles and coloring in the east, and if you’re in the mountainous beauty of Boulder in the Southwest you can easily get the best of all worlds by talking with your local Boulder painters to discover which trends and tones will best suit your interior.

Interior Decorator, Interior Designer or Interior Painter?

When you have decided that interior repaint is the way to go, you then need to decide how to go about it. How do you choose which colors and which paint types or finishes? There are several different professionals that you can call to help you get the best look for your home, and sometimes you can find teams that work together. However, you will generally find that while most of the interior specialists are independent, they will often have recommendations for who you can speak to if you need other services. So, first you will need to work out which professional you really need.

Interior Decorator

There can be some overlap between an interior decorator and an interior designer, but generally you’d call in an interior decorator to help you work out the best colors, art and soft furnishings to create the space that you desire. These are the people that you can say “I want my bedroom to feel like a relaxing beach holiday”, or “I want my lounge to be a place for vibrant conversations” and they can help you choose the colors and effects that will create the desired result.

You can hire an interior decorator to arrange everything for you, to work with you, or to simply give you ideas or suggestions, leaving you to make all the final decisions and purchases yourself. If you have an eye for detail doing it yourself will save you money, but the first time you do your room makeover it probably won’t end up quite the way you envisioned. However, practice makes perfect, and you can always try again in another room or in the same room in a few years. As long as you haven’t moved any walls nothing is permanent.

Interior Designer

 Although the terms Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are often used interchangeably, to call yourself an interior designer generally requires a degree qualification in interior design (see here). Interior designers are professionals who create useable spaces based on how they will be used. This means that they are the perfect professionals to call in if you are going to rip out your kitchen or want to remodel your bathroom. They are trained to analysis the space, and how it is used by the occupants, and then come up with solutions to make the area more usable. Sometimes their suggestions will be radical, whereas sometimes they will only make subtle changes, but you will generally find that an interior designer will be able to make your space just right for you. This may mean ideas like dropping a kitchen bench down 2 inches for a shorter user, adding pull out steps to reach high cupboards, moving a doorway to create better flow between rooms, or replacing a step with a ramp for increased ease of access.

An interior designer might work with an interior decorator to create the right feel to a room, as although some interior designers may be good with colors and soft furnishings, this is generally not their specialty.

Interior Painter

There is less confusion around what an interior painter does – they paint the rooms inside your house. However, there is more to an interior painter than just this. Although they will paint whatever colors you want, wherever you want, if you ask, they often can make very helpful suggestions on a practical level. They are also the professional to speak to about what sort of paint to use in each location. Gloss, semi-gloss, matt, satin – there are a number of types of finishes and types of paint, each has pros and cons depending on the area they are being using. For a family home, for example, you will often want a paint that is easy to clean, however if you have an older home with uneven walls the high gloss that provides the easiest wipe off surface also is the worst for showing up every blemish in your walls. So, talk to your painter and listen to their advice.

Experienced painters have encountered almost any circumstance imaginable when it comes to house decorating, they have seen the before and after effects of different types of paint and different colors and effects used to create a new space. You can use this knowledge to save yourself a lot of problems if you are designing the space yourself. Ask their opinion on if the color you are thinking of will make the space darker or lighter, help hold the suns heat or make the room feel cold or make a room look like it has never been cleaned – something particularly important in a bathroom or kitchen.

Doing It Yourself

Of course, you can do the entire remodel yourself. Consulting with Pinterest for ideas and watching YouTube videos to learn how to prepare the area and paint appropriately. If you go this route, ensure that you speak to your paint supplier and listen to their advice. However, before you do decide to do everything yourself, price up how much it is going to cost you to purchase all your supplies, brushes, rollers, paint, covers etc., and consider how much time it will take you. For some people they like to do their own projects simples because they enjoy the work, but if you are doing it purely to try and save money on a renovation you might find yourself shocked at how little you will actually save., if anything. You will often find that your local painter will be the best person to get the job done, and create a beautiful space.


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