RCM invests in own transport

RCM have recently purchased their own branded delivery vehicle in order to guarantee a better service to their customers.

RCM, the complete though wall solutions provider, have invested in their own company delivery vehicle in order to better meet customer’s requirements.

In the past, RCM, part of the Benx group of companies, arranged deliveries of their building boards and facades through large third party hauliers.

Whilst still utilising this delivery network, the additional ownership of a 26t rigid vehicle brings with it many advantages.

Investing in process improvements that will benefit and support their customers by providing more efficient and cost-effective services has been one of RCM’s main commitments.

Some of the obvious benefits will include the ability to exercise greater control over the distribution to better address customer’s requirements. Operating costs will be better managed and there will be clear improvements on driver’s MPG. The number of drops per day can also be better managed, thus ensuring optimization and efficiency on a national scale.

RCM will be able to improve their customer service, by reducing the reliance on third party providers.  There will be a guaranteed capacity at all times, with the ability to support RCM’s customers on a postcode/network basis.

The latest specification Euro 6 vehicle brings improved fuel consumption and less emissions and therefore is better for the environment.

“Delivery of our building boards and façades ranges to high value projects is now even better serviced by the recent investment in the company owned delivery vehicle.  It will allow us to act much quicker and more efficiently to our customer’s needs and requirements.” (Ian Quinton, Managing Director, RCM)


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