5 Ideas to Freshen up Your House

Do you feel like your interiors could use a makeover? While many of us have a wishlist, not all of us are quite sure how they can translate their ideas into reality. However, there’s no reason to worry. With just a few simple interiors design tricks up your sleeve, you too can transform your living space and give it a fresh, new look. The best part is – you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen. Take a look at our list of five brilliant ideas you can use to freshen up your home and make it look like new.

Boost your home’s curb appeal with effective landscaping

The exterior of your home matters just as much as its interior, as it is the first thing everyone will notice when they come for a visit. Although it’s often overlooked, the way that your landscaping is designed greatly affects your home’s curb appeal. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still have a gorgeous garden. Go to your local greenhouse and talk to the experts about the types of plants that would be easy to grow in your area. Garden beds, flowering shrubs, and a couple of trees go a long way in designing a beautifully landscaped front yard.

Update your cabinet and drawer handles

Many homeowners think that, in order to give their kitchen a new look, they need to spend a fortune on renovating it. The truth is, there is a much cheaper way to freshen up your cooking area that will not set you back thousands of dollars. A simple way to boost the appearance of your dated kitchen is to swap your old handles. Take off those old, dirty and dated handle pulls and knobs and treat your kitchen cabinetry to something more modern. Give your cabinets a new look with bronze, brushed nickel, or shiny stainless finishes. The design choice is up to you.

Swap your dated lighting fixtures for something modern

Proper lighting goes a long way in transforming the look of your interior. When used strategically, it can elevate your living space and bring your room to life. However, before you buy modern fixtures, be sure to check your home wiring. While hanging fixtures do not call for new wiring, other lighting fixtures may require the wiring to be replaced altogether. Now, almost all electrical work requires a permit, and in some states such as Australia, it’s illegal to do your own electrical work. That’s why many homeowners from Sydney count on a reliable electrician in Western suburbs to tackle the electrical issues and assure a safe installation.

Add wallpapers to change the look of your interiors

Another way to boost the look of your interiors is to install wallpaper. And no, we don’t mean those tacky floral wallpapers everybody used to have back in the ‘90s. Nowadays, there are all sorts of wallpapers that can make your home look as it was decorated by an interior designer. Easy to apply and remove, these wallpapers are reusable, so you can use them again for another room. Update your walls with amazing patterns and graphics – whether you opt for funky geometric patterns or something more subtle, you’re sure to transform your living space and freshen it up.

Spruce up your interiors by bringing the outdoors in

An instant decorating tool, plants are an easy and inexpensive way to update your interiors. Natural air purifiers, they’ll absorb toxic pollutants from the air, producing oxygen in turn. Bring in the outdoors with a couple of low-maintenance plants – Aloe Vera, Philodendron, Bromeliad, and Snake Plant are houseplants that are sure to spruce up your home and will forgive you in case you forget to water them for a couple of days (or weeks).

Updating your home doesn’t always mean you have to spend a fortune to be able to see some changes. Sometimes, even the smallest of tweaks can help rejuvenate your living space and bring in a breath of fresh air. Use the tips above to infuse your home with new energy and renew your space as well as your overall sense of well-being.


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