A Guide to Safe Outdoor Lighting

Whether you want outdoor lighting for security or ambiance, taking power or electricity outdoors can be a potentially dangerous job.

Outdoor lighting can provide a beautiful ambient setting in the evenings or can take on a firmer role by providing light to dark areas for safety and security purposes.

Outdoor lighting is a necessity at all access points indoors from the outside, up steps or in dark parking areas. Your doorways and footpaths should always be well lit, in order to walk to and from your home or parking area safely.

Using A Registered Electrician

Initially, you will want to hire a qualified and registered professional to install the outdoor lighting safely and efficiently. You’ll be able to find a local electrician no matter where you’re located, just make sure they’re a trusted company. A good example to take a look at is these Electricians in Perth who are both properly accredited and knowledgeable to install outdoor lighting for you.

Some people may claim to be registered or qualified electricians but in fact, they are not. Always use a reputable and experienced company or electrician when having outdoor power points or lighting installed. The last thing you would want to do is to pay someone to reinstall a system due to poor initial installation by someone who in fact was not qualified to do so.

If something had to go wrong with the outdoor lighting and you wanted to claim from your insurer, you may be unsuccessful with your claim if the insurer finds that a registered electrician did not install the system. Do your homework on the electrician you decide to hire before going ahead with any installation.

If you are installing outdoor lighting for security reasons, you will need a qualified and knowledgeable electrician to do a proper and secure installation for you. Security and safety outdoor lighting systems require a professional to install them correctly. You may even need a consultation from a security company to pinpoint problematic areas you would like to keep illuminated.

Getting comparable quotes from registered electricians is always a good idea if you need to save costs. Check if there are call out fees or any hidden costs before you give the go-ahead to avoid being out of pocket. Never try to install outdoor lighting yourself unless you absolutely know how to. The dangers of installing electrical systems or power outlets outdoors can be a risky job if something goes wrong because you don’t know what you are doing. Rather be safe and call in a professional electrician.

Timers And Bulbs

Solar lights are at times easy to install and do not need a professional tradesperson to do so but they generally do not last as long as a properly installed system that connects to the mains power.

When using an electrical system, insist on energy rated LED bulbs that save electricity and last longer than normal bulbs. Take note of the make and size of these bulbs in case you ever need to replace them. Electricians will always know which wattage of bulb to use for each fitting and circumstance, which is just another reason why you need to use registered electricians.

If there are specific hues you prefer (warm or cool white), make sure your electrician knows this beforehand so that you do not waste money on the wrong colour bulbs. Research which tones you prefer or want to achieve in your outdoor lighting plan so that you make the decision based on what you want the outdoor lighting to achieve. Similarly, for security purposes, the size and make of bulbs will depend on the installation fixtures.

It is a smart idea to add a timer to your outdoor lighting system. This will not only save on power (as the lights won’t be on all day and night) but will be set to switch on and off when you are not present or forgot to switch them on. Timers are highly recommended if you are using outdoor lighting for security and safety purposes.


Before the electrician leaves your property, ensure that you have all the information you may need to operate the system properly and safely. Ask questions if you are unclear as to be 100% confident in the using of the system.

If you ever need to change bulbs, light fittings or cables and connections, ensure you have switched the power off to the outdoor lights to prevent injury.

If your electrician was worth his or her weight in gold, they would have used waterproof fittings, fixtures, and cabling. Water and electricity do not mix well, and it is extremely important to check regularly that your fixtures are not cracked, broken or missing. Ensure all cabling is hidden, insulated and waterproof.

Your electrician would have provided you with good quality equipment bought from a reputable supplier or manufacturer which will yield warrantees. If you find any problems or faults with your outdoor lighting system, switch the power to the system off and wait for an electrician to repair the system properly and safely.


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