Design a Perfect Sunroom: Tips and Tricks

Do you already have a porch basking in sun and begging to become a sunroom? Or you wish to have an additional room where you will greet the sun? In the latter case, you would have more leeway when it comes to the size of the room, as least as much as the free space allows you to. The first step, however, is to decide the purpose of the sunroom, since that will give you an idea about the necessary budget and the interior design. And when it comes to building it, the best option is to hire professionals.

As an oasis of peace

If you wish to use this room for leisure, the essential element to have in mind is the furniture. It needs to be comfortable and inviting so you could enjoy your morning coffee before work as well as reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Think in terms of reclining chairs, soft sofas and many pillows while the sun gently touches your skin. Also, colors are not a feature to be disregarded: they should be relaxing to the eye, so make sure you avoid bright colors. Even if the space intended for your sunroom isn’t too big, don’t worry since a leisure-themed room doesn’t have to be spacious, it only needs to be comfortable.

As a space for fun

If the sole purpose of this room is entertainment, size does play an important role, depending on the things you wish to place in it. For example, a pool table might take up a lot of space, so be mindful where you hang darts and where you put the bar. Yes, you can even install a bar and anything you, your friends and family find entertaining. If you intend to organize parties there, besides notifying neighbors, make sure that the sound insulation is adequate so you can enjoy it without worrying whether you are keeping somebody awake with loud music. As for the furniture, you might want to throw in a few bean bags for relaxing between darts rounds and high stools to go with your bar.

As a setting for a home office

If you wish to have a pleasant place to work, then a sunroom can be the perfect space to both calm you and inspire you since one of the perks of working from home is the atmosphere which allows you to sit in your pajamas. So, for example, you can fit in more tables of different sizes to have more nooks to work from and so that other people can keep you company. However, if you feel you cannot concentrate at some point, or you wish for more privacy, shutters could be the optimal solution for you. When installing them, you can ask experts for a recommendation for the right material so that you can still benefit from the sun while you maintain a peaceful working atmosphere.

As a place for hobbies

Are you an artistic soul who enjoys numerous hobbies so you finally decided to find a place to practice them? In that case, the space you need solely depends on your interests, but unless you are into carpentry, for which a workshop is a better choice, you probably don’t need a space that is too big. Regardless of the type of art you practice, natural light will allow you to see the colors and materials as they are, not to mention that the view will probably be all the inspiration you need. When it comes to the interior, you will probably need a large table so that you have a nice, clean surface for your crafting. As for the furniture, it would also be good to have a sofa to relax on while you look for inspiration.

Sunlight has been known to be beneficial for a long time: it triggers the release of serotonin which people call ‘the happiness hormone’. Sunlight boosts your mood and helps you feel calm, so why not build a room entirely devoted to it?

If you have space and some budget, you can start by thinking about what you would use it for. It is mostly a place for leisure, but you could also benefit from that sun-induced serenity by making the sunroom your office. But if you decide to throw a party there, a matinee combined with all the colors of the sunset will entrance your guests. Whatever the size and the purpose of the room, you are bound to spend many sunny and blissful afternoons there.


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