ELFOEnergy Edge Evo Range of Air Conditioning

Clivet is a company pioneer in the use of new technologies and attentive to environmental issues: in line with this philosophy, they have designed ELFOEnergy Edge Evo (WSAN-YMi), the new range of full DC inverter packaged air cooled heat pumps, equipped with the innovative and ecological R32 refrigerant with GWP (Global Warming Potential) of -70% compared to the R410A refrigerant.

The new WSAN-YMi series of air conditioning is among the first on the market to use R32 refrigerant in order to guarantee high performance and low environmental impact. With heating capacity from 5 kW to 16 kW, it is characterized by wide operating limits, very high efficiency in heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. These features make it the most advanced solution for residential and small commercial applications.

ELFOEnergy Edge EVO represents the first step of the new hydronic range with R32, which will be completed with ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO and ELFOEnergy Storm EVO, in order to offer high efficiency full inverter technology and R32 ecological refrigerant from 5 up to 94 kW of power capacity.

Performance, low noise operation and flexibility

ELFOEnergy Edge EVO WSAN-YMi replaces the range of ELFOEnergy Edge WSAN-XMi heat pumps with R410A refrigerant, offering an improvement of the overall proposal in terms of operating efficiency, functionalities, accessories, and initial investment.

Performance at the top of the category guarantees class A++ in heating both in low (35°C leaving water) and in medium temperature (55°C leaving water) and SEER values ​​up to 5 in cooling.

Applications that require extra low noise find the ideal solution in this product thanks to two additional silenced and super-silenced operating modes. The management of two temperature zones and operation in combination with auxiliary heat sources (such as a gas boiler) make ELFOEnergy EVO suitable for the most different applications and plant requirements.


Latest Issue

BDC 317 : Jun 2024