Freshen Up Your Home Style with Some French Country Décor

It’s always fun to bring a new essence to your home décor. It can be anything you want and you are always free and encouraged to make some changes, regardless of how small they may be. All it takes is some free time and creativity. Even money isn’t necessarily an issue as there is a lot that can be DIY-ed on a budget. However, sometimes we’re simply at a loss for the right ideas and it seems that we cannot really think of anything new to do with our interior. You can find many useful websites such as the Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide to help you.

This is where we come in with French country décor. If you’ve never done it before, it’s time to start. Here are a few pieces of inspiration to steer you in this direction.

Color palette

This style involves a varied but tasteful color palette. The natural landscape is the inspiration for the choice of colors of this particular style. Having that in mind, we have lavender, sage green, summer yellow and soft blue as prime choices for the style. They work perfectly regardless of the number of colors combined. The secret is in the shades, they keep everything looking graceful and elegant. Of course, you can also experiment with some textures and patterns as long as they keep the original appeal. It can either be the pillows, rugs or curtains to break up the neutral look.

Bring in the rustic

This style is all about vintage staple pieces of furniture. For instance, you can introduce some mirrors with an unusual metal or wood frame. A vintage coffee table and a birdcage to match the style would go perfectly in the living room. The traditional French coffee table includes a sturdy wooden construction. Moreover, you can have a plush cushion on its top so it can double as a tabouret. If you want to really stand out from the crowd of your generic French country living rooms, opt for a set of amazingly practical barn doors. Not only do they look enticing but they slide in a very simple way, enabling you to move across the room easily as well as save some space.

DIY it a bit

If you want to bring a vintage French vibe into your home, you may not have to spend too much money. Many furniture items can be purchased at flea markets. With a good eye and a strong will and determination, you can find amazing stuff there. Don’t limit yourself to just one place. You can dedicate a whole day to your search. Just choose a partner equally enthusiastic as you and you will have a lot of fun browsing through all sorts of stuff. Once you find what you need, you can easily transform it a bit using sandpaper and some paint or decoupage. Perhaps you don’t even need to shop for new old furniture items. Try checking your own basement or attic and see if an old table or cupboard pops up. You’ll be surprised by what you find.

Devil in the details

Many people feel they need to do a complete makeover of their interior in order to make a change. On the contrary, if you just change the focal points of the room and a few details, you’ll achieve exactly the same results with much less effort and much less money spent. This is why you should start by determining the focal points of each room you wish to change and deciding on what to do with it. Once you do that, simply adding new covers to your cushions and changing the drapes may just do the trick. A few framed photos or mirrors can go a long way in this quest, too.

All in all, where there’s a will, there’s a way. All you need is to make the decision. Everything else is easy. Trust us, it may seem tedious when you think about how long or expensive the process is going to be. However, as you can see from what has been written, you can save your money and still do great things. Think about the fun you’re going to have along the way and how happy you’ll be once everything is finished. Change is healthy and as soon as you have your new interior, you’ll be able to find inspiration for many other things, too.


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