New KPMG Business Sustainability Research

New KPMG research
 has found that British consumers believe businesses are primarily responsible for improving environmental sustainability, ahead of themselves or even policymakers. Dassault Systèmes assists organisations around the world in improving their environmental credentials through sustainable innovation.

Please see below its comment in response to the findings of KMPG’s research, identifying the pitfalls of unsustainable business models and the benefits that positive change can inspire.

“According to new KPMG research, 47% of UK consumers believe corporations are primarily responsible for making the world more environmentally friendly – and not just in the products and services they offer, but in every aspect of their operations and supply chain choices. Environmental issues and increasing public scrutiny are already driving the escalating interest in alternative solutions that disrupt traditional business models. And whether businesses take an ethical, economic or even opportunist standpoint, there is no choice but for them to reduce their environmental footprint as a top priority. Not to be seen doing so would be political – and therefore business – suicide.

“Ageing, unsustainable organisational and supply chain infrastructures are finding it increasingly difficult to cope. They are unable to keep pace with new, digital native competitors and are failing to deliver on historic results. There is therefore a significant business opportunity for corporations to invest in sustainability initiatives, to create long-term financial and environmental gains that would otherwise be unavailable to them with existing processes in place. Short-term planning only achieves short-term results, and businesses unwilling to instigate meaningful positive change in these areas will increasingly fall short of the competition.

“Strategic partnerships are vital to achieving greater sustainability, helping to reduce unnecessary labour, money and materials across organisations and their supply chains. Ultimately, when we share knowledge and expertise, we provide the foundations for organisations to achieve more economically sustainable, more responsible and less wasteful processes across their entire operational ecosystems.”

John Kitchingman, Managing Director, EuroNorth, Dassault Systèmes.


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