Perfect Finishing Touches to Accentuate Your Interior Furnishings

If you have recently given your home a serious makeover, now that the repairmen are gone and the mess is cleaned, you are probably assessing whether everything is as you imagined it. However, with so many choices to make it seems as though the work is never done, especially when it comes to the interior. For those lost in a multitude of options and who are worn out from making major remodeling decisions, here are a few smaller projects to consider that will highlight the beauty of your freshly renovated nest.

Go green

If you are an outdoorsy person, you shouldn’t think twice before you fill your home with plants. Huddle them in order to make a green corner or place them gingerly around the room. Esthetically speaking, plants will enrich any space with a dash of color. If you play around with how you arrange the pots, you can create many interesting arrangements which will revive a dull room. However, plants are more than decorative elements to your house. They purify the air, which then makes the room feel fresher and people less fatigued and therefore happier. Besides consequentially lifting your mood, the greenery is a good place to rest your eyes. The only thing to be mindful of is the intake of water and the amount of direct sunlight each plant requires, as well as whether you are able to provide them with those conditions.

Let the light in

Even countries which get a lot of sunlight all year through, like Australia, have to sometimes compensate with lamps and chandeliers when there is not enough light or windows in a room. If you wish for a room to appear spacious and open, consider track lighting. It is quite convenient since it can be placed even on walls and beams, enabling more light sources to be placed throughout the room. Even the atmosphere in the house can be set with a specific light setting. For example, head for well-equipped lighting stores in Sydney in search of dimmers and lamps which can give your bedroom a cozier and warmer feeling. Such stores always have an employee who can provide you with advice on the choice of the light source, depending on what your wishes are.

Accessorize moderately

Striking a balance between peppering every available surface of the house with trinkets and having room to move is not always an easy task for people who love ornaments. However, too much clutter, no matter how gorgeous those individual items look, can turn your elegant family house, whether it`s a country house or a downtown 3-bedroom apartment, into an aesthetically-challenged flee market. So, think in terms of central pieces, those that will catch everyone’s eye and enrich the lovely undertone you already created. It can be anything from a vase to a clock, but once you set it in place, make sure that other elements, if any, accentuate the beauty of both your home and that central piece, instead of disrupting it.

Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to play around with fabrics, materials, and colors since the combinations you can create can give your interior just the right boost. Hardwood goes well with finer elements, so your wooden crate can be a resting place for a modern glass lamp. Cold marble kitchen countertops are perfect for placing a small flower pot, or a set of wooden utensils. A leather armchair could be combined well with soft cashmere thrown over it, and if your living room is black and white, throw in a yellow pillow or two to give it some life. If your bathroom has just a little window as the source of light, paint the walls white, choose bright colored tiles, as well as towels. Depending on the floor color and material, mix dark surfaces with pastel carpets and vice versa, but don’t forget that you would need a thicker fabric for tile floors if you wish to stay warm.

Although you might be happy with the way the interior of your home looks like, there are probably a few things that you could change, just to strike a better balance with the atmosphere you created. If you are a nature lover, adding plants and flower pots will please you both visually and psychologically, while carefully positioned lighting can contribute to boosting your mood.

For trinkets collectors, the only cure is to limit their budget and aim for central pieces instead of the whole store, while artistic souls could enjoy bravely mixing styles and materials. Whatever you choose, just bear in mind that when it comes to interior decorating, less is more.


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