Building Site Security: Why You Need It and How It Will Help Your Business

Modern high tech site security to protect your property and people

Theft and vandalism costs the construction industry over £800 million per year in terms of the losses and the costs involved in taking remedial action after thefts and acts of vandalism. 

As a result, good construction site security is paramount both in terms of ‘self policing’ in the way construction site personnel observe good security and through using expert help from site security professionals.

Why site security is needed

As the above figure shows, good site security is imperative to avoid falling victim to the huge losses experienced by the industry as a whole – or at least being able to hopefully apprehend those committing criminal acts if the worst happens.

A major theft or act of vandalism not only costs money to recover from, it can put progress back considerably if work is suspended or curtailed in the aftermath of an incident. Good security is cheap at the price if it helps prevent these.

Outside help

Specialists offering the latest in building site security tech and expertise can help monitor a site round the clock and organise a response to incidents, and modern CCTV systems help protect construction sites of all types and sizes.

Modern cameras and alarms developed for site surveillance can run without mains power, and can be moved easily so as to be in the best position as and when the site changes its configuration as work progresses.

Inside help: good security practices

A sad fact about many construction sites is the sometimes poor standards of diligence when observing everyday good security procedures.

There have been instances of ID of site personnel not being checked properly, entrances left open – especially parts of fencing when moved aside temporality to allow a large machine access to the site or for a large delivery to be made.

Basics such as doors left unlocked and keys left in machines abound unfortunately. While human error is perhaps inevitable from time to time, many sites could benefit from more stringent internal security procedures.

Benefitting Health and Safety

Building site security isn’t only about safeguarding premises and property; it’s also highly beneficial in helping maintain good Health and Safety standards throughout the site.

This can encompass various aspects:

Site access – you should run your site without putting members of the public at risk. Using CCTV and access control systems is a major step in ensuring only authorised personnel access the site.

Fire – hazardous and flammable materials are to be found on many sites, and some have even more if, for example, demolition work is being carried out. Therefore, good fire alarms  and CCTV systems can monitor and protect so as to keep a fire hazard area as safe as possible.

General monitoring – diligent CCTV monitoring can help areas stay as safe as possible; a potentially hazardous or other wise dangerous situation can be flagged up quickly if caught on CCTV to help ensure a safe working environment.

Identification – It is important for your site staff to be recognised. Having the right ID is important and will help from any unauthorised staff being where they should not. You can see examples of this from fake ID cards topfakid.

There is much more legislation concerning building, design and construction.

Ultimately, good site security will help your business in terms of avoiding the disruption and heavy expenses involved in dealing with an incidence of theft or vandalism.

Also, further disruption and injury to personnel can be avoided if your site security provisions are used to monitor Health and Safety related activities too.


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