Clark-Drain introduces Technodrain into UK construction

Clark-Drain Ltd unveils Technodrain®, a new addition to its popular linear drainage range that broadens the choice for UK construction.

Designed for surface water management, the versatility of Technodrain® enables it to be used across all construction environments as a light, robust, technical solution for run-off surface design.    

Made from High Density Polyethylene, Technodrain® encompasses all load classes (A15-F900) in accordance with European standard EN 1433, comprising an array of grating design options in ductile iron, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

The Technodrain® system will be available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm internal widths.

With the advantage of light-weight, polyethylene – e.g. the EXEL 200HV has a 42.61 l/s hydraulic capacity ideal for use in road drainage and car parks and weighs 26.1kg, complete with D400 ductile iron grating – its size to weight ratio maximises savings in transport and installation cost.

Technologically advanced, Technodrain® is resistant to temperature change with a thermal range between -60OC and +100OC.  It is also resistant to a wide range of acids, salts and hydrocarbons so that it can be used in challenging environments such as chemical plants, petrol stations and surfaces where ant-freeze salts are used. 

Technodrain® incorporates many other benefits. Its robust design adds to its sustainable life, whilst installation is eased with tongue and groove joints enabling the connection of multiple channels with a ready-mounted grate. Its preformed lateral and vertical channel outlets also provide quick and easy connection to discharge pipes.

Furthermore, project design is supported by integrated Tee-and Cross-section joints that can adapt the drainage line, enabling control over the accuracy and cost effectiveness of the whole system. 

An important additional accessory is the Technodrain® sump unit. It can be installed as a terminal unit off the line or as a central element of two converging lines. The sump is equipped with an optional anti-odour siphon that can be removed easily for cleaning purposes and a grating to filter leaves and debris. Use of the sump allows you to increase the out-flow diameter of all channels up to Ø200.

John Carter, Head of Sales and Marketing at Clark-Drain comments: “Both for the contractor and the operator, Technodrain offers technical innovation and a high degree of cost saving, whilst providing a highly efficient system for surface water design and management right across the construction project spectrum”

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