How To Pest-Proof Your House

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a mansion or a cardboard box, you’re going to need to be aware of what pests operate in your area and how to stop them from getting into your house.

Many people wait until there is an issue and then call the exterminators. While this is an effective tactic, it does mean that your house may be damaged before you have the issue dealt with.

Termites can eat wood surprisingly quickly and mice can destroy your electrical cables in virtually no time.

It’s better to speak to your local pest control firm and get them to help you pest-proof your home, preventing pests from becoming a problem.

Here are some easy ways in which you can get started:

Clean Your Home

Cluster, dirt, food debris, and standing water are all very attractive to pests, this gives them the perfect conditions to live in. Of course, the fact that it’s inside your home means they’ll also be warm and dry.

In short, they’re getting all the benefits of your home without paying the mortgage

You can eliminate this attractiveness by removing all standing water. That’s pet bowls, water collecting in your gutter, and even uneven ground outside. If you have a pond or a pool make sure the water keeps moving.

Next, remove all food debris. The first step is keeping all open food packets in sealed containers. The second is cleaning all your countertops and floors. Even a crumb can represent a significant meal to a pest, you’ll want to clean the place thoroughly.

Finally, focus on removing clutter. Piles of books, magazines, or boxes, are all great hiding places for your pest friends. Get rid of them and your home will be less attractive.

Don’t forget, you need to apply this philosophy to your yard as well.

Seal Gaps

Having removed the attractiveness of your home you can start sealing it up, preventing pests from getting access.

To do this you’ll need to walk around the perimeter and look for any gaps or cracks. They are commonly found around windows and doors. But, they can also be where your cladding ends, especially if there is a small gap.

Get A Pet

It may seem like an unusual idea but a pet can actually keep when pests away. Cats and dogs are remarkably good at smelling pests, they may even hunt them.

But, if they don’t, the fact that there is a pet in the house can be enough to deter some pests. There are easier homes to target!


You should also consider placing some traps around your home, ideally where children and pets can’t get to them.

Monitoring these regularly will show you whether you have an issue and what type of pest you’re dealing with. This will help you take the appropriate steps to avoid the issue.

Of course, if you appear to already have an infestation then your best bet is o simply call pest control. They will eliminate the source of the issue while you tidy your home.


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