New Smart Home Product for Your Flat

Nuki, the market-leader in smart locks is proud to announce the launch of the Nuki Opener, a product designed for apartment buildings. The Nuki Opener enables the operation of the front door to apartment buildings simply via the Nuki app, as well as remotely. This retrofit solution is connected to the intercom system inside the apartment, allowing it to trigger the entrance buzzer when activated. In combination with the Nuki Smart Lock, the revolutionary Nuki Opener gives residents completely keyless access from the street to their flat!

“The Opener is a huge step for us since about 50% of the European population live in apartment buildings”, says Nuki CEO Martin Pansy. “With the addition of the Nuki Opener to our portfolio we can now enable completely keyless access from the road to the living room for renters and owners of flats.”

Just like the Nuki Smart Lock, the Opener can simply be retrofitted with the app tutorial and turns intercoms into smart entry systems. The Nuki Opener is connected to the intercom, allowing it to trigger the door buzzer when activated. Users can open the front door directly or remotely through the app – in combination with the Nuki Bridge. There are several features available that make the solution even more handy. When activating the “Ring to Open” feature authorised users don’t even need to get their smartphone out of their pocket, they just open their front door by ringing the bell to their apartment.

Experience the Nuki Smart Lock and the new Nuki Opener as well as a wide range of accessories for yourself at IFA this year – Hall 25 Booth 352.

Presentation of the ‘Works with Nuki’ programme

Up until now Nuki has focused on the retrofit market, but the Austrian-based Smart Home pioneer is introducing its first solution for new builds so that door manufacturers can integrate Nuki technology directly into their products. The “Works with Nuki” system, which will be introduced at IFA 2019 in Berlin, shows that the company is tapping into the new-build market from 2020 and closely collaborating with door and lock manufacturers. By directly integrating the Nuki module into their products, door and lock manufacturers can offer customers the benefits of the Nuki platform as an out-of-the-box solution.

To date, Nuki has delivered over 70,000 Nuki Smart Locks to customers, by the end of 2019 the company expects to surpass 100,000 installed locks. “We are incredibly proud of how positively our system has been received by customers and that we are experiencing fast and healthy growth”, says Martin Pansy. “With over 70 million detached houses and 50 million apartment buildings in Europe, our core market, there’s still plenty of room to grow.”


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