Essentials You Need to Set Up a Productive Home Office


Working from home is not only more practical and time-effective, but it also allows you to set up your office according to your needs and desires. If you have a comfortable, well-equipped and personalized office, your work will be more efficient and you’ll experience better work satisfaction. However, working from home doesn’t come without cons! Homes are distracting environments and getting back on track after an interruption can be very hard. So, in order to minimize distractions, boost efficiency and ensure comfort, here are a few essential design tips for your home office.

Start with lighting

Plenty of light, both natural and artificial, is crucial for your office productivity. First, make sure to place your desk in a way that will make the best use of your sunlight (yet avoid glare). The wrong placement can cause eye strain, screen glare and boiling temperatures, so be strategic. For some artificial light, make sure to ensure the same intensity as daylight. This will be most comfortable for your eyes and ensure a good circadian rhythm.

Separate your work life from your private life

When you can work in your pajamas, go grab a snack and chat with your kids whenever you want, it can be hard to keep your professional and private life separated. So, make sure to place your office in an area that’s a little isolated to ensure better focus and uninterrupted workflow. If you can’t find a secluded spot, ensure good sound insulation, place Do Not Enter signs and even invest in noise-canceling headphones. Additionally, make sure to use your home office only for work.

Set up a speedy connection

If you want to have a productive workday and a home office that runs smoothly, you need speedy internet connection. In case you often lose connection or suffer from slow internet, consider changing your provider or investing in a more powerful line. Having fast and reliable internet will ensure you always stay in contact with your clients, get things done quickly and spare yourself a lot of headaches and nervous breakdowns. There’s nothing as annoying as a broken internet connection just when you need to send an email or check something online ASAP.

Get essentials

When it comes to setting up, start with essentials—the things you can’t do your job without. You can always rely on quality Winc stationery and find everything from desks to post-it notes, all in one place. Make sure to pay attention to things like storage, filing cabinets, practical furniture, electronics and a cozy client meeting areas (if you regularly see people). These essentials will be enough for the start or until you assess your needs are realize what else could make your work faster, better and easier.

Splurge on your chair

When it comes to getting your chair, make sure to be careful. Invest in a sturdy, ergonomic chair that will reduce the negative effects of sitting and provide you with a no-distraction workday. If you can, hit a showroom and try out a few chairs—this is much better than getting a random one online. You can also accompany your chair with a practical footrest and even grab a standing desk extension for your laptop of you spend a lot of time on your computer.

Personalize your space

What most people hate about modern offices are minimalism, grayness and that uncomfortable, overly-corporate feel. But, if you work from home, you can take over the creative control when it comes to the look of your home office and personalize your space. Filling your office with decoration is a great idea, especially if you do something that requires alertness and creativity. Think plants, motivational posters, art you like—these can all work towards achieving a totally chic, unique yet efficient office.

Treat yourself to a coffee machine

This is as much of a luxury as it is a necessity. For many of us, coffee is the main source of fuel for a successful workday, so make sure to grab a good coffee maker and enjoy a fresh cup whenever you need a little hand. This handy guide from the unclutterer will help you to find the right coffee maker for your needs.​ Keep it at arm’s reach and you’ll see your productivity grow with each new sip.

Start designing your home office today, and you’ll soon enjoy a comfortable, private and completely personalized workspace that will allow you to reach your maximum potential and show everyone who’s boss.


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