Home Maintenance Tips: How to Maintain a Healthy Drainage System


The key to maintaining a healthy drainage system can be put into one word only – prevention. A draining system problem should be addressed before it’s noticeable to anyone but the plumber working on the pipes.

This approach isn’t only a better way to go when it comes to making sure your draining system works, it’s also a less costly one. Most of the maintenance work can be done by the homeowner, but it’s best to hire a plumber to help you out every once in a while, at least in the form of guidance.

Installing drain guards

Drain guards are small plastic or sometimes even metal instruments that are attached to drains to reduce the amount of waste that goes through them. It won’t eliminate the need for cleaning the drains but it will make it less frequent. These could be purchased at most plumbing equipment stores and you could install and replace them on your own. Have in mind that there are items that shouldn’t be washed down the drain even with a guard. These include cooking fat and coffee grounds.

Drain cleaners

It’s also useful to use drain cleaners every now and then. They can be used when you notice that the drains are clogged or just as a precaution, regardless of the state of the drains. The cleaners are poured down the drains and left to do their job. It’s important to choose the cleaners with special attention to their impact both on the environment and your own health. Healthy and natural cleaners will usually be more costly, but it’s a cost that you should bear as a homeowner since there’s no price you can put on your family’s safety.


Large problems with the drains are usually not noticeable right away. They become an issue only when there’s a leak or a clogging problem. It’s best to hire experts from Super Drains, for example, to inspect your drainage system on a regular basis. This isn’t that costly, especially if they don’t find any major issue that would require a repair. If there are repairs to be paid they will be much less costly if they are caught early on. These inspections are best done seasonally since the pipes might be affected by the changes in weather.

Water pressure

One of the ways to pay attention to your pipes is to be mindful of the water pressure. Slow water pressure could be a problem with the water distribution system itself and then there’s nothing you can do about it. However, if the pressure is low only in your home or parts of it, then it means that it’s a drainage issue. The drains are blocked and that’s what’s causing the problems with the water flowing through them. There are instruments for measuring water pressure if you want to invest in one, but if the problem is noticeable without them, it means it’s time to address it.

Sewer systems

The homes that are attached to the sewer system have an additional set of pipes to worry about. This is mostly the case with remote and older homes and it will require additional care when it comes to the drains. It’s usually the roots and sprouts that cause problems with the sever system since they can lift the pipes of the ground or even grow right through them and make them burst. It will simply take patience to review these pipes and notice when there’s a leak or a large root near one.

A drainage system is an important part of your property and it needs to be treated with care. This will save you a lot of time on repairs as well as quite a bit of money in the long run. For the most part, the goal is to notice the problem with the pipes before it becomes too expensive to fix. It’s useful to have a professional plumber on your side for this task. They will mostly review the state of the pipes and suggest when it’s time for large and more costly repairs.


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