Sahel Majali’s Statement on Supporting AquAid

Mid Group is proud to have partnered with AquAid to provide water coolers to its offices and construction sites.

AquAid has been the biggest corporate supporter of Christian Aid for more than 15 years. AquAid is also the founder of The Africa Trust, a charitable organisation created in 2010 to provide sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa, including water, sanitation, education and employment.

AquAid donates £50 to Christian Aid for every water cooler purchased and is currently helping 14,000 people in Malawi and Ethiopia access clean drinking water by providing local water pumps and constructing a man-made pond capable of supporting 1.5 million livestock animals. This 2.7 million litre pond enables 28 communities to more easily feed and water their herds.

The Mid Group is committed to supporting AquAid’s goals and in June 2019 the first elephant pump funded by Mid Group finished construction. The elephant pump is a hand- or pedal-powered pump able to lift 60 litres of water a minute. This design is much cheaper and easier to build and maintain than existing alternatives in rural Africa and can be built using local materials by local workers, providing valuable skills and employment.

Since 2010, AquAid has enabled the construction of more than 5,000 water pumps, and donations from AquAid and its customers have also helped fund solar-powered irrigation systems, conservation technologies and crop diversification in Malawi to help farmers in the region resist the effects of climate change.

In partnership with the Africa Trust, construction of water pumps funded by Mid Group and other AquAid customers has helped provide local employment as well as clean water, and the Africa Trust has been able to give better prospects to former child soldiers in Liberia by providing the skills and training to build pumps, toilets and other facilities. It has also funded business skills training and loans to help local entrepreneurs build businesses and provide employment.

The Mid Group is one of the UK’s fastest growing construction businesses and has delivered a number of major projects across the South East. Established in 2014, The Mid Group provides specialist contractors and consultants, Building Information Modelling expertise, and land development services.

Sahel Majali Chairman

Sahel Majali currently acts as Chairman for the Mid Group; you can read more about the Group by visiting Sahel Majali’s bio.


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