Tiny Chic: Mastering the Art of Furnishing Small Spaces


Do you always feel like you’re solving an impossible puzzle when you’re trying to furnish your small home? If you want to fit all the items you need, the result will end up looking cramped. On the other hand, if you want to make it unique and filled with personality, the space will end up looking cluttered. Either way, you lose. Well, you don’t have to lose anymore! No matter if you’re designing a smart studio apartment or you just downsized to a cheaper and more practical home, you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort. Here are some of the best tips that will help you master the art of furnishing and create a tiny yet chic space.

Don’t overburden the floors

While you certainly need to fill your home with the essentials, even a perfectly thought-out room can look small and uncomfortable if you don’t have space to walk around. So, open up your floors and let them breathe—it will instantly create an illusion of bigger square footage. In order to still get all the pieces of furniture you need, opt for floating designs, especially when it comes to nightstands, bathroom cabinets, shelving and lighting. With floating pieces you’ll not only make the ground clear of obstacles but also free up some space for extra storage beneath and make cleaning a breeze.

Choose double-duty

If a small home, every piece needs to earn its spot in your space and ones that certainly pull their weight are double-duty pieces. Beds with built-in drawers, benches and ottomans with under-the-seat storage for blankets and books and daybeds doubling as sofas or guest beds will always have space in your home and come in very handy.

Keep bigger items at hand

Just because you don’t have huge square footage, it doesn’t mean you have to give up all your larger furniture items. Items like gorgeous King Living sofas are modular which means you can combine different elements and adapt your seating to your needs. This is certainly handy for people who lack space yet enjoy the comfort of large furniture.  Also, make sure to put larger items against the wall—this will allow you to keep the depth of the room and enjoy all the comfort of big and comfy furniture. Combine your sofa with a chunky recliner placed in the corner and you’ll love your cozy yet uncluttered design.

Go for practical folding pieces

Sure, you might need a work desk or a dining table, but you don’t need them all the time. So, grab a few practical furniture pieces that fold when not in use. If you fold your piece and remove it, you’ll both free up floor space and prevent clutter from occupying your surfaces. Do you have a small kitchen with only one wall? You can invest in folding doors that can conceal the mess until you do the dishes.

Don’t be scared of bold

Just because your space is small, it doesn’t mean you have to adopt an extremely minimalist lifestyle and paint everything white or gray. Bold colors and accessories are always welcome, no matter the size of your home. Darker walls and ceilings can make the space feel super cozy and safe. Also, bold statement furniture can distract people from noticing your lack of square footage. Combine your simple aesthetics with a statement Seymour chair in blue or cinnamon or a timeless Eames chair in oak and it will attract all the right attention while providing you with much-needed seating and comfort.

Boost lighting

Small spaces often have tiny windows that don’t exactly shower the space with sunlight. So, you need to make up for the lack of light by turning to electricity. If you combine ceiling fixtures (no matter if hanging pendants or sleek flush mounts) with task lighting like lamps and sconces, you’ll brighten up your atmosphere and avoid that feeling of claustrophobia. Mirrors can also help your lack of natural light. These great décor elements serve a double purpose: they make the space seem bigger and they disperse the light all over the room. So, consider adding a large mirror to your wall or opt for a gallery-style mirror display if you want something more unusual.

Just because you’re not blessed with a huge mansion, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a chic and stylish home. With these furnishing tips, you’ll not only achieve comfort, but also harmony that we all need in our lives.


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