Eight quick changes to improve warehouse security

3d rendering security camera or cctv camera in warehouse

Warehouses can be a common target for criminals – if they are not properly secured, they represent an opportunity for someone to get in and steal stock, equipment, or even sensitive data such as financial information.

Thankfully, however, with warehouse security there are many small changes that you can make that will constitute a huge difference. With a secure warehouse staff will feel safer, and you can have the peace of mind that your property has many deterrents against crime. Here we take a look at eight changes you can make to improve security at your warehouse.

  1. Install CCTV

There is no doubt that CCTV is one of the most effective security measures for warehouses. Not only does having CCTV cameras ensure that you have a visual record of what happens in and around your premises in the event of a crime taking place. It also acts as a brilliant visual deterrent against vandalism, theft, and antisocial behaviour.

Make sure that when you have your CCTV installed you also put up plenty of signs, alerting people to their presence.

  • Use out-of-hours security patrols

Of course, it is often the case that warehouses are most at risk when there are no staff on duty. This provides the opportunity for criminals to observe the property without being noticed by anyone, and means they can gain access to premises unopposed.

This is why it can be a great idea to work with an external security provider to have out-of-hours security patrols.

  • Add motion detecting lights

Motion sensing lights might not sound like much of a boost to your warehouse security, but you might be surprised at the difference that they can make. Often it is more than enough for criminals skulking around your property to see a light come on – it stops them from being able to work in the dark.

Additionally, these motion detectors can provide alerts to security personnel so that they can investigate the situation.

  • Get security feedback from your team

Perhaps one of the most important things that every warehouse owner could do to improve security is to get feedback from the people who are working there all day. It is your staff who will understand best the security challenges that the organisation faces, and areas of risk and vulnerability.

It is a great idea to regularly speak to staff or even give them the opportunity to submit written ideas on what could be done to improve security at your warehouse.

  • Limit access with fencing

Sometimes it is the obvious things that make a difference to security. Fencing is visually striking and shows any member of the public where they are permitted to go and where they are not. This is another example of a security that acts a simple deterrent in the fact that it tells any potential criminal that your warehouse takes its security seriously.

Fencing can be installed at obvious parts of your property to make it appear inaccessible to individuals.

  • Introduce RFID-enabled ID badges

Many warehouses utilise RFID (radio frequency identification) in order to track goods and items – and just as RFID can be used to track stock as it moves through your ware house, it can also be used to track staff.

This can be a very effective way to maintain security at all times, as well as preventing theft and ensuring best practice. IDs also help you to understand if someone is in a part of the building that they shouldn’t be.

  • Promote cyber security

Remember that security is not just a physical matter. It is also important for your business to be secure from a cyber perspective. This means taking care of passwords, and providing staff with training on how to be secure when using internet-enabled devices in your warehouse.

  • Hire a security specialist

Of course, if you have specific concerns over security of you have experience a number of incidents, then it can actually be best to work with an external security specialist. They will be able to recommend a customised security operation that is suited to the exact needs of your business. This can be the way to ensure that your business premises are as secure as possible.


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